Trade watch: Theo 'burning midnight oil'

All the recent trade rumors around the Sox have your head spinning? No worries. Evan summarizes everything you need to know leading up to the trade deadline and handicaps the Sox's chances.
  • Tom Werner says that Theo Epstein is “burning the midnight oil” for an impact trade. The article specifically mentions Roy Halladay and Victor Martinez.
  • Is there no middle ground for Victor Martinez? As rounds up, the Indians reportedly rejected a Victor Martinez-Clay Buchholz swap, and a later Justin Masterson, Michael Bowden and outfield prospect package. The door isn’t closed, as the Sox and Indians ‘talk all the time,’ says Jon Heyman.
  • Don’t forget stud first-baseman Adrian Gonzalez. The Sox and other teams have called, but the Padres are refusing to listen. Even if they listen, would Padre ownership approve the deal and alienate their fan base even more? To me, it’s abot putting yourself in the best position to win. How could the Padres not listen to Clay Buchholz, Daniel Bard and Josh Reddick? Wouldn’t surprise me to see Adam LaRoche thrown in the deal with the Sox paying the way.
  • Could a lesser deal be en route to improve the Sox’s shortstop position? Sox scouts were on hand for the Pirates game yesterday. Could a deal be considered for Jack Wilson or Freddy Sanchez? How about Ian Snell, pitching his socks off in Triple-A and with the Yankees reportedly interested? Snell would add a young arm with options left.
  • The only team that the Phillies feel can beat their offer for Roy Halladay is the Red Sox. Gordon Edes feels the Sox could dangle Clay Buchholz, Daniel Bard and one of Michael Bowden, Junichi Tazawa, Casey Kelly and Stolmy Pimentel. If the deal came down to Buchholz, Bard and Pimentel, would you do it? I would. Would J.P. Ricciardi? He says to deal Halladay in the division would require an extra player.
  • The Halladay talks are real, by the way. The Jays made a formal offer to the Red Sox a couple days ago. No word on if this was rejected. 
  • One antidote to Theo’s clear aversion to a ‘big trade’ is the fact that Sox owner John Henry is upset over the Sox’s recently play and wants something done, according to Jon Heyman.

I rank the Sox’s likelihood of acquiring players like this:

  • Roy Halladay
    Yes, really. There would be less headaches trying to fit in Halladay than another player, plus the Sox can beat any offer by Philadelphia if they say the word. If Philly continues to stick to their guns, it would be hard for the Sox to turn down a deal they know will get done.
  • No deal
  • Deal for a lesser bat/pitcher like Jack Wilson or Ian Snell
    Won’t give up a ton of prospects, so is the easiest trade to arrange.
  • Victor Martinez
    Talks simply seem to be going nowhere. Theo is adamant not to give up Buchholz unless for a young power-hitter, and already conceded some ground by offering a one-for-one swap. Unless the Indians see potential in Masterson/Bowden/Player X, this has no legs.
  • Adrian Gonzalez
    The best option out there to solve our current and future needs. But the Padres would lose a local kid of Mexican heritage signed to a club-friendly deal during a time where they need a face of the franchise. We’d be talking about a huge deal here, one that’s probably too big to arrange.

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Born on the 37th anniversary of the the day Babe Ruth died (1985) which later became the day Jimy Williams was fired in 2001 (a monumental event at the time), Evan was too young to experience the pain 1986 brought, but a deep wound was sowed in 2003. Since then, Fire Brand has become a blog that Red Sox “club officials read,” as per Peter Gammons. Evan enjoys working out, writing, reading, quality television, science fiction and history and being newly married. He is a professional baseball journalist as well as president of a state non-profit and member of the Board of Directors for a national profit. (Twitter.)

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  1. donna July 27, 2009 at 10:34 AM #

    as much as i like Masterston, i would really hate to see Bard go! yes getting Halladay would be wonderful but i would still rather see him go NL. perhaps i am too loyal or whatever but i just feel that once this team starts to meld ( hit in strings, especially), we will be unbeatable. things have to start bouncing the right way, falling in just so, catching breaks and making breaks – once we get on that roll it will be beautiful. i trust Theo and i do like the idea of using the farm system to really build the club from within. i would love to see Mauer in RS uni soon but otherwise why not let the farm deliver?

  2. jvwalt July 27, 2009 at 10:49 AM #

    The supposed outline of a Halladay deal doesn't add up to me. According to the rumor mill, Ricciardi was demanding a package from the Phillies including Drabek, Happ, AND two other top prospects. And a Yankee package would have to include Joba and Hughes plus two top prospects. Both of those packages seem a lot bigger than Buchholz, Bard, and one more.

  3. Kevin R July 27, 2009 at 10:49 AM #

    I guess I'd rather keep Bard and just put Buchholz in the rotation if we need to rather than Halladay. If we're trading Buchholz, I'd much rather get a hitter. Even if it is for Halladay.
    I'd be reluctant to trade Buchholz in any case, but I think Bard should be almost untouchable. Maybe I'm overly high on him. But I have a feeling we won't be seeing Papelbon for too much longer, and I think Bard will fill in nicely. I know, I know, starters > relievers, but still, how fantastic has it been in the past several years with Papelbon at the end of the game?

  4. M.A.G. July 27, 2009 at 11:48 AM #

    I want Adrian Gonzalez.
    And I think the Padres are less reluctant to trade him now. This can be the best opportunity to improve their team, and even his fans are showing interest in hearing the offers. And if the Padres are ready to listen, then Boston is the main candidate to land Gonzalez. Nobody can offer the Padres a better package than us. If we offer something in the lines of Buchholz, Bard, Kalish and Pimentel, then they have to listen.
    And if we can land A-Gon, then maybe its time to reconsider the idea of converting Lars in a left-fielder…

  5. Bob July 27, 2009 at 3:43 PM #

    Or include Anderson in the deal, as much as I believe that his struggles have been overblown and love hhim as a player, Gonzales is one of the 3 best 1st basemen in the game (along with Pujols and Teixeira) is young and cheap and does everything well (gets on base, hits for power, best defensive 1st baseman in the game), I really don't see San Diego trading him, but if the Sox offered Buchholz (who would thrive in the NL at Petco), Bowden (ditto), Anderson, Kalish and one lower level pitcher (Pimentel, Price, Fife, Weiland) the Padres would have to give very serious consideration.
    That deal allows the Sox to protect Kelly (who I love a lot more than any player in the deal), Reddick (really coming into his own), Tazawa, Hagadone, and Westmoreland. This is why you build so much depth in the system, so you can make a Godfather offer without blowing everything up.

  6. Eric July 27, 2009 at 8:22 PM #

    I agree in theory with Bob, and on this one Even I also agree (I usually do!
    I grew up in SoCal. A mexican face of the franchise player in Adrian Gonzales is a lot more important to the Padres than many of you may be giving thought to; especially with that contract! You have to maintain an identity through even rebuilding phases; Gonzales allows the Padres to do so. They'll hold onto him, as painful as it is for M.A.G. and others.
    With the Halladay trade, it sounds like they'd have to have either Bard or Kelly. That's more of a deal breaker to me than dealing Buchholz (who'm I view as nothing more than tradebait). Buchholz will likely succeed in a smaller market IMO. and what's worse I'm in no hurry to give up Stolmy either. I think he's got IT also.

  7. Eric July 27, 2009 at 8:32 PM #

    I'm curious to get your take on the farm (I'd read/comment this post for sure, should you take it on).

  8. Gerry July 27, 2009 at 9:23 PM #

    I have to agree with you about the SoCal fan base and the impact on the enormous San Diego Padres (Spanish names) fan base if they trade their marquee player, one of the best in the game, and one of their very own. Viva Mexico! Viva USA! One only has to remember how Fernando-mania and even Mannywood changed the course of the Dodgers to grasp this concept.
    Fans are homers. As a homer myself, I was a bit ticked at the Sox for letting Craig Breslow get away, and watch MDC and Rocco with pride. I could never reconcile that Manny was really a New Yorker. Imagine trying to rebuild a franchise at Petco, with a losing team, after trading away los hermanos Gonzales.
    They are not dumb marketers. The park is beautiful and easily accessible. The city trollies run from Tijuana right to Petco's gates. The reason for the camo uniforms is that San Diego is a Navy and Marine town, with the air base, fleet, Pendleton, and thousands of retired military. But a much larger market is the affluent, baseball-crazy, sympatico Mexican-American fan base which represents half the population of San Diego County.