Sox September 1st Call-Ups

With September now underway, the Red Sox have called up five players to fill out the Major League roster. Called-up were Junichi Tazawa, Chris Woodward, Joey Gathright, Brian Anderson, and George Kottaras.

While Tazawa is the easy favorite to make an impact for the big league club, every stolen base and late inning defensive substitution will put the Sox that much closer to the playoffs.

Analysis inside...

Now that September 1st has arrived, the annual Major League roster expansion has begun. The Red Sox made six corresponding roster moves today, calling up five players while designating Jeff Bailey for assignment. For a team in contention, these moves usual serve to strengthen the bench. This is no different for Boston, as the majority of moves profile as positional depth or late inning tactical replacements.
Here’s a rundown of the moves.
1B Jeff Bailey (DFA): Bailey has always been a favorite of mine, for no reason other than he’s a Quad-A player, and its easy to root for those guys. However, it appears he won’t have a place in Boston for the remainder of the season.
It remains to be seen what his future holds, but he was sputtering at the Major League level, to say the least, posting a career .228/.340/.434 career line in 159 plate appearances. Bailey turns 31 in November.
Called Up:
SP Junichi Tazawa: The prospect returns to Boston after being sent to Florida just a few days ago. With Wakefield injured and Paul Byrd being, well, Paul Byrd, Tazawa may get another shot to establish himself in the rotation. He’s slated for a Saturday start.
C George Kottaras: Gives the Sox another catching option and some flexibility should they choose to pinch hit for Varitek when V-Mart is already in the game. Hit .224/.303/.376 in the bigs this year in 99 plate appearances.
OF Joey Gathright: Good glove, no hit, excellent speed. Expect Gathright to pinch run quite a bit this month and possibly be a defensive replacement in the outfield. Career 9.0 UZR/150 in center field, .262/.327/.303 with the stick in 1311 PA. 79 SB in 108 career attempts.
IF Chris Woodward: Gives the Sox some added infield depth. Not much with the bat. Career .242/.299/.370 line. While shortstop is his primary spot, he’s fielded every position other than catcher over his 10 big league seasons.
OF Brian Anderson: Not much of a bat, with a .225/.287/.363 career line. Doesn’t have speed either, as he’s attempted just 27 steals over 869 plate appearances, being caught 14 times. Extra Outfielder.
Overall, the Sox September moves aren’t very exciting, but should provide Tito with some additional late inning options. While these players usually don’t see the field much, the late inning substitutions can make the difference in a few precious games and get the team in the playoffs.
Maybe Gathright can provide some David Roberts type magic over the next few weeks. You never know.

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  1. jvwalt September 1, 2009 at 11:26 PM #

    I think Tazawa could help as a long reliever. He's still new enough that hitters will be at a disadvantage, especially in only one or two at-bats during a relief outing. It also provides him with a less pressurized entry into the major leagues.
    I'm a little surprised about Bailey, but the Sox really didn't have any use for him. One thing I don't understand is why a team like the Royals or Pirates don't take a chance on someone like Bailey or Chris Carter; the team's not going anywhere, why not give a quad-A guy 400 major league at-bats and see what he can do? It'd make more sense than, say, trading for Mike Jacobs.

  2. Gerry September 4, 2009 at 11:18 AM #

    Agree about Jeff Bailey and Chris Carter. They have real talent that could emerge with consistent AB’s on many teams. With 4 first basemen already at Fenway, and neither having breakout years at the plate in Pawtucket, I can see not calling them up.
    Was surprised Reddick wasn’t in the mix, but that has been rectified. Am concerned that Tito didn’t deepen the Pen for September, with maybe Bowden, Jones, Cabrera. They are not Wagner or Bard, but having them would avoid stretching out RRamirez, MDC or Oki, who don’t respond well to multiple inning games, or fear of overusing any of the Pen. Having a 9-10 man Pen for a few weeks would rest the Pen without giving up quality. I could see Bowden pitching an inning or the other night when RRamirez got hammered after coming back from a long rest. If Wake or Daisuke come back, Tazawa will fill that role, but in this case IMO more is better. And the September experience would pay dividends in 2010.