BOS 11, CLE 6: Bats Boost Beckett Past Indians

The Boston bats had Beckett's back last night, in a big way. Alliteration aside, the Red Sox starter struggled through five innings, but came up with the win, his seventeenth of the season, as the Sox took a third game from the Cleveland Indians. With only one game left in the regular season, the quiet Red Sox backs woke up, as Aaron Laffey and the rest of the Tribe's pen were lit up, on the way to an 11-6 loss.

In the second to last game of the regular season, Josh Beckett didn’t look his best, but when you’re Josh Beckett, just about anything will do, especially on a night when the Boston bats came alive.

The Red Sox ace won his seventeenth decision of the year with the help of Dustin Pedroia, Victor Martinez, Dusty Brown, and Brian Anderson, all contributing to the 11-6 win with homeruns.

Pedroia, batting lead off, got things started on the right foot in the first, sending his fourteenth jack of the year off of Aaron Laffey. Laffey would only make it through two complete innings, getting tattooed for seven hits and eight earned runs, two of them homers.

Tonight’s “Imma Git That ALDS Spot From You Baldelli” Award goes to Brian Anderson. Have at it, pal.

Next game – 10/4 BOS vs. CLE – Buchholz / Okha

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  1. Gerry October 3, 2009 at 8:28 PM #

    Can't worry about Josh. He pulled it together as the game went on. We will know soon if, as Jim Rice said, he was working on his stuff, or if it is his back, or if he can't pitch to Victory, or if he just had a bad night.

    On the other hand, this was a Sox team without Drew, Ellsbury, Gonzalez, Lowell, Baldelli, Green, and later without Bay & Victor; with RP from Byrd & Richardson (who continues to look good). The Sox did pretty-good-alright. Josh missed 200K's by one (1). Victor's streak continues at 29, with an *. Papi is sooo remarkably close to 30/100. I wonder if Ells will reach 70SB tomorrow?

  2. Mike Silver October 3, 2009 at 10:21 PM #

    Nothing makes me happier than when Brian Anderson hits a homerun. Nice recap 'Fus'.