LAA 7, BOS 6: The End Is Here

That one stings. Jon Papelbon's ninth inning meltdown ended the playoff journey for Boston, as the Red Sox are swept by the Los Angeles Angels, 7-6. After leading for the entire game, Vlad Guerrero's single off Papelbon in the top of the ninth was the culmination of a completely lackluster post-season, the end of a pretty abysmal weekend for Boston sports in general. But... there's always next year.

“Uninspiring” is the word that you’re probably looking for…

The Red Sox apparently carried their lack of motivation with them into October. The Los Angeles Angels handedly swept the Red Sox, and for a third night in a row, the Red Sox simply beat themselves by playing uninspired baseball.

Boston had led all day, and with only one strike away from their first win of the ALDS, the wheels came off of the Jon Papelbon train, as Vladdy Daddy put a two run knock into play against the formerly lights out closer. In fact, Papelbon had not been scored upon in his post season career, 26 innings in all. That 27th was certainly a doozy.

The rest of the Red Sox staff left the closer in as good a position as they could, including J.D. Drew’s two-run blast off of Scott Kazmir. Clay Buchholz pitched well enough in his first post-season start, getting touched up only six times over five innings for two earned runs. Unfortunately, we all know the ending of this one. Either way, leaves a funny taste in your mouth, doesn’t it?

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  1. marcos October 11, 2009 at 6:17 PM #

    I wasn't really shocked. The guy has been shaky all year. Apparently he thinks he's the only pitcher that throws 95 mph. Hitters can hit fastballs that's why theyr'e playing MLB baseball.

  2. marcos October 11, 2009 at 6:21 PM #

    I don't mean to beat the dead horse but i've always said Fancona is Grady Little with two rings.

  3. UVMike October 11, 2009 at 9:12 PM #

    "Summer died in New England and like rain sliding off a roof, the crowd slipped out of Fenway, quickly, with only a steady murmur of concern for the drive ahead remaining of the roar. Mutability had turned the seasons and translated hope to memory once again. And, once again, she had used baseball, our best invention to stay change, to bring change on."

    I love this Giamatti essay, but this is a sad way to think of it. What a crappy day to be aNMRw England sports diehard.

  4. donna October 11, 2009 at 10:42 PM #

    yeah i can't help but hear those toys on the island of misfit toys from Rudolph singing "There's always tomorrow…" unfortunately the pattern of the season reflected here…

  5. marcos October 11, 2009 at 11:08 PM #

    Things I learned about this team

    1 people should show more love to J.D. Great offense and he’s also the best defensive RF in the AL.

    2 not surprised Pap blew it. He was shaky all year. And he thinks he’s the only RHP with a 95mph.

    3 Ortiz is done. Yea yea he hit 28 hrs, whatever.

    4 not really surprised they got eliminated so fast. They never seemed to beat the really good teams during the season. I’m not really angry, sad or disappointed in fact I was more pissed off when they got swept in 4 games against the Yankees. That’s when I realized this team was fools gold.

    5 Matsuzaka is garbage, trash, rubbish. If I spend 100 mil on a pitcher, i’d expect this pitcher to be a top 3 pitcher. The Red Sox were willing to risk injury by pitching Lester on short rest, need I say more?

    6 love Clay Buchholz( 4 above ave pitches). He saved the season. 8 wins after the break.

    7 I actully learned this 2 years ago but Varitek is more than toast. If I’m gonna put up with Francona’s excessive loyalty next year, I don’t want Varitek back next year. I read somewhere that Varitek had to tell Fracona to tell him straight up that he wasn’t the starter, otherwise he would’ve been the starter in one of the 3 games.

  6. Gerry October 11, 2009 at 11:49 PM #

    Ah, well. For decades, with the exception of the miracle years 2004 and 2007, I have been saying "Wait 'till next year" along with the rest of RSN. So, wait 'till next year is OK, because there will be one.

    IMO, Theo must, right now, begin acquiring the talent that will match us up to A-Rod/Teix/Jeter/CC/AJ and whoever else they buy this off season. I suggest starting with Harden AND Bedard or equivalent, if available; go back and get M. Montero (if AZ will part with him) or Salty who lost his slot to TG to back Victor,(I think Tek should be offered a player-coach position now to keep him aboard; and do whatever it takes to bring either A. Gonzales of San Diego or Hanley aboard . . . or both. NOT get JJ or J.Wilson as A-Gonz is their equal. No Crede, Beltran or other FA's, as Mike is better. Time to take off the gloves and get it done. A fundamental decision needs to be made: more power? (Bay, Holliday) or more OBP and speed? (Crawford, Figgins, Hanley)?

    I know. It's not hot stove season, but it sure feels like it. Wait 'till next year.

  7. letsgosox October 11, 2009 at 11:54 PM #

    The Angels bandwagon is officially at maximum capacity. Must be October.

  8. Denny October 12, 2009 at 12:29 PM #

    just another typical summer in Boston maybe they should go and squeeze ted Williams frozen melon head take the juice and create their own species of super player. because all those way overpaid half ballplayers are just not cutting it. Big poopy you got to go son!