Weekend Round-Up – 5/29/2011

These links are brought to you by Fred Wilpon.  Sick of Frank McCourt getting all of the headlines, Fred Wilpon decides to add his own brand of crazy to steal a few for himself…

Tales from around the Red Sox Blogosphere:

Tales from around the Yankee Blogosphere:

Tales from the Sweet Spot Mother Ship:

Tales from around the Sweet Spot Network:

  • The Platoon Advantage (MLB) – I his inaugural piece, Mark reminds us that even Greg Maddux had off nights; Bill explains why the Diamondbacks still stink; and the Common Man gives his take on John Harper’s hypocrisy.  Special congrats to my co-writer Mark at IIATMS for becoming the second blogger to write for two Sweet Spot blogs simultaneously, after yours truly.  I say simultaneously because TCM also used to write for IIAMTS as well, but that was before he started up TPA.  (I think…)
  • Crashburn Alley (Phillies) – Bill Baer measures Chase Ultey’s impact.
  • The Ray Area (Rays) – Mark shares his thoughts about the Rays staff “pitching backwards.”
  • Nick’s Twin Blog (Twins) – The Kevin Slowey situation in the twin cities is getting a little hairy.  Nick provides his rational viewpoint on the subject.
  • Capital Avenue Club (Braves) – In the wake of Buster Posey’s brutal injury, Ben Durino explains the importance of having a good backup catcher.
  • Fungoes (Cardinals) Walks aren’t sexy, but they’re a big reason why Colby Rasmus is such a great player.
  • Royals Authority (Royals) – Craig Brown says Joakim Soria is broken.  Based on the stats, it’s hard to see it any other way.
  • Bay City Ball (Giants) – Rory Paap holds a vigil for Buster Posey.  It’s a crappy time for Giants fans right ow.
  • Dodger Thoughts (Dodgers) – Dodger Thoughts starts looking forward to 2012—on the hypothetical assumption they can’t turn it around, of course.
  • Camden Depot (Orioles) – Jon Shepherd argues the merits of a bone crunching play.
  • It’s Pronounced “Lajaway” (Indians) – Stephanie Liscio marvels at the tear Asdrubal Cabrera’s been on.
  • Daily Fungo (Tigers) – No update.
  • Baseballin’ on a Budget (Athletics) – Holy crap the A’s infield has been bad this season.  Dan Hennessey explains.
  • Pro Ball NW (Mariners) – Rick Randall wonders what Michael Saunders role is now that Franklin Gutierrez has returned from the DL.
  • Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers) – Alex Ogando is probably the luckiest pitcher alive—for now anyway.  Joey explains.
  • Ghostrunner on First (Blue Jays)Does defense matter?  Yes.  Yes, it does.
  • View from the Bleachers (Cubs) – Joe Aiello shares his sports bucket list.
  • Redleg Nation (Reds) – May’s been a strange month for the Reds and their fans.  By the way, Paul Janish has been atrocious at the plate this month.
  • Austin’s Astros 290 Blog (Astros) – Austin rants about Brad Mills starting Carlos Lee at first over Brett Wallace against lefties.  I have to admit, I’m as perplexed as he is.
  • Disciples of Uecker (Brewers) – Jack Moore explains how the Brewers one run win over the Nationals proves they can contend for the playoffs.
  • Blake Street Bulletin (Rockies) – Rich Kurtzman chronicles the return of Carlos Gonzalez’s bat.
  • Mets Today (Mets) – Perhaps you heard about this…the Wilpons get a life preserver.
  • Ducksnorts (Padres) – The Padres are playing a game of musical outfielders after optioning Will Venable to AAA.
  • Nationals Baseball (Nationals) – Harper’s right…waiting is the hardest part.
  • Snakes on Jefferson (Diamondbacks) – Tyler explains why the D’Backs improved bullpen is the key to their turnaround.

Tales from around the Baseball Blogosphere:


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