Live Game Chat News and Friday Links!

First things first.  Are you ready for the most amazing, epic, unbelievably awesome live game chat in the history of live game chats?  Well, wait no longer.  On Monday at 7:00 p.m., Fire Brand of the American League will be co-hosting a chat with It’s About the Money Stupid AND The Ray Area!  While I realize it’s impossible for three teams to play each other at the same time, we’re going to suspend reality for a few hours to make it happen.  Monday night’s games could have serious implications on the outcome of the pennant race, so join us and our friends of the rival teams for what should prove to be a very fun night…hopefully. 

Alright, now on to the links!

  • I’m starting out today over at the Platoon Advantage where The Common Man wrote an excellent piece on the “Blame Theo” meme that’s becoming disturbingly prevalent these days.  Between the two of us, I think we’ve figuratively pimp slapped the opposition quite nicely. 
  • If you’re not a baseball geek, you probably won’t be interested this, but…  Mike Fast at Baseball Prospectus recently posted some fascinating new findings on the effects of framing pitches.  While we’re not there yet, with guys like Mike Fast, we might one day be able to truly quantify the defensive value catcher’s carry.  By the way, Jason Varitek?  Not so good at framing pitches.  This season, he clocked in at being worth -10 runs this season (-17 runs since 2007).  Jarrod Saltalamacchia, on the other hand, has been worth +15 runs this season (+23 since 2007).  Food for thought. 
  • Are Cashman and the Yankees emulating Theo and the Red Sox?  Our very own Evan Brunell of CBS Eye on Baseball thinks so, and I agree.  The Red Sox have managed to find a way for a high revenue club to balance winning now with long-term player development sensibilities.  To be perfectly honest, the Yankees couldn’t use a better model.  Still, this is the Yankees.  They’re going to put their spin on (for a lack of a better term) “Theo Ball” as the Red Sox did with “Moneyball.”  Spaking of Moneyball, is anyone else going to see it tonight?!
  • Some people shouldn’t write about sabermetrics…or baseball for that matter.  Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports is one of them.  Yesterday, he wrote an incredibly laughable, baseless, trolling article about how statistics are “taking the magic” out of the game and ruining baseball.  It’s so bad, I’m not even going to break it down because it’s not worth my time.  Luckily, Bill Baer at Crashburn Alley did break it down, and he did a fantastic job with it.  As Bill proclaimed, the “nerds are winning.”  He’s absolutely right.
  • Zach at the blog formerly known as Splashing Pumpkins (read:  Giants Nirvana) thinks the Giants should extend Madison Bumgarner.  Um…YES, and do it soon.  I’ve already started fantasizing about him pitching at Fenway for the Red Sox when he becomes eligible for free agency after the 2016 season. 
  • What happens when a blog (excuse me, balrog) decides to approve spam comments?  The boys at Sabeanmetrics (surprise, surprise) decide to give it a shot and respond to them in a “mailbag” format.  As always, it’s pretty freaking funny.  By the way, if you haven’t checked them out, you might as well.  I’m just going to keep cramming links to their page down your throat until you do.
  • Brian Matusz has had a brutal season.  In fact, his 10.68 ERA topped Roy Halladay’s 10.64 ERA for highest ERA with at least 50 innings pitched.  (Yes, that Halladay.)  Chris Lund of the Hardball Times explains why all hope is not lost on the one-time top prospect. 
  • How do strikeout and walk rates correlate to pitch counts and innings pitched?  Jeff Zimmerman of Fangraphs explains. 

Alright folks, those are all of the links that are fit to print for today.  Hope everyone enjoys their day whether they’re watching the Sox-Yanks game tonight or going to see Moneyball.

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