Tuesday Links!

Ok guys, I’m jumping straight into the links today.  No time for messing around…

  • Jonathan Bernhardt of Mr. Destructo is a passionate, yet rational Orioles fan.  Yesterday, he wrote a tremendous piece on Peter Angelos, Dan Duquette’s hiring, and the short-term fate of the Baltimore Orioles.  It’s a touch long, but definitely worth the read.  Hat tip to Craig Calcaterra of NBC Hardball Talk for sharing the article with is readers.
  • I was tipped off to this brand new site called “Hey, How’s it Magowan” by one of my many San Francisco Giants blogger e-migos.  The author, who has requested to remain anonymous, describes this new project as a “satirical blog from a Peter Magowan-ite living in a Larry Baer world and loving it, trying to indoctorinate all the naysayers.”  The first post on offseason plans is incredibly clever and very well thought out.  If you like deadpan satirical humor mixed in with baseball opinions, you’ll really like this site.  I have a feeling, I’ll be linking to it again.
  • Double dose from River Avenue Blues today.  The first link is from Joe Pawlikowski about why the Yankees won’t sign C.J. Wilson.  The second comes from Mike Axisa.  With Matt Kemp likely agreeing to a mammoth new contract to remain with the Dodgers, how does this affect the Yankees in both the short and long term?
  • Marc Normandin at Over the Monster is polling Red Sox Nation on their managerial preference.  Pete Mackanin (my choice) is leading the charge with Dale Sveum (Marc’s choice) not far behind.  Who do you prefer?
  • Despite posting a MONSTER .291 OBP last year, the Angels Mark Trumbo received six first place votes in yesterday’s AL Rookie of the Year voting.  Yeah, I’m as baffled as you are.  People are slaves to the RBI.  Anywho… Steve Slowinski at Fangraphs says Trumbo’s future is still pretty uncertain and difficult to project.  Click the link, and find out why.
  • Bill Baer at Crashburn Alley does a retrospective of every long-term deal for which Ruben Amaro’s been responsible.  It’s a great piece, so I suggest you check it out.

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