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What was Cherington thinking in Scutaro trade?

The Red Sox made a baffling move over the weekend by trading starting shortstop Marco Scutaro to the Rockies, then compounded the issue by inking Cody Ross to join the outfield. In an offseason where the Miami Marlins have channeled the ghost of George Steinbrenner, the Red Sox have become the new misers of the […]

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A Look at the Red Sox’s Most Recent Moves

The last few days have been pretty busy here in Red Sox Nation.  Ben Cherington and his front office compatriots are slowly but surely shaping the roster into a club that should be able to win 90-95 games in 2012.  In order to stay on top of all of the recent developments, I thought I’d take […]

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Ross Is Boss (We Hope), And Where To Go From Here

Clearly, the Red Sox anticipate facing the Philadelphia Phillies and Roy Halladay in the 2012 World Series. Why else would they sign veteran outfielder Cody Ross? Because they were in desperate need of an outfielder who could hit left handed pitching? Because they probably weren’t comfortable with Darnell MacDonald being in the opening day lineup? […]

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Red Sox Sign Cody Ross

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports had reported, via Twitter, that the Red Sox have signed outfielder Cody Ross. Update:’s Jerry Crasnick reports, via Twitter, that the deal has a base salary of $3M and includes performance incentives. Ross made about $6.3M last season while hitting .240/.325/.405 with 14 home runs, though he did deal […]

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The $6M Question

As Charlie mentioned in his column yesterday, the Marco Scutaro trade provided the Red Sox with $6M in salary relief.  While it might seem strange to many of us that a high-revenue club with a payroll consistently hovering around the luxury tax threshold could need some salary relief, it’s a sign of the times.  The […]

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Marco Scutaro Traded for Salary Relief

It sounds weird to say that the Sox have made a move in order to clear salary, but that’s essentially what they did on Saturday when they sent their former starting shortstop, Marco Scutaro, to the Colorado Rockies for 26-year-old righthander Clayton Mortensen. Mortensen has a career 4.74 xFIP and offers little upside with regard to his […]

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Do The Sox Really Have Any Legitimate Starting Pitching Options In The Minors?

“If spring training opened tomorrow we would be comfortable where we are with our pitching depth.” ~General Manager Ben Cherington Spring training will bring many decisions. The Yankees have to decide between Phil Hughes, AJ Burnett, and Freddy Garcia to be their fifth starter. The Rays have to decide whether to open the season with […]

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Shaughnessy’s Faux Rage: I’m Not Buying It

If you heard a loud thumping noise a few minutes ago, that wasn’t your imagination.  It was me bashing my head against the desk as I was reading Dan Shaughnessy’s latest opus.  Like all Shaughnessy articles, he channels his most emotional nerves to convince us that the Red Sox ownership (or whomever his target du […]

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Revisiting the 2012 Luxury Tax Situation

In a two part series written last month, I discussed in detail the Red Sox’s current luxury tax situation for 2012, 2013 and beyond.  Now that the vast majority of slots on the 25-man roster have been filled, and arbitration figures have been shared, I thought I’d take another look at the situation for 2012 and examine how it may […]

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Episode #116: Where we leave you all hanging out to dry…

Episode #116 Hosts: Paul Testa, Tim Daloisio Guests: Chip Buck (@chip_buck) While there were grand plans to broadcast our first live video episode of Fireside Chats to the Internets, my audio recording software and our Google Plus Hangout got along as well as Fern Cuza and Ben Cherrington. Since recorded audio is of higher priority […]

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