Poll: How Many Games Will the Sox Win in 2012?

We’re almost there. As spring training winds down and the roster starts to take shape, we can’t help but begin to feel anxious and excited about the start of the season. The Sox have a team capable of capturing a pennant, but like any capable team on paper, much can happen over the course of a summer and no matter how strong the roster looks, it does not come without some serious question marks.

This week’s poll question inquires as to the level of your optimism for the forthcoming season: How many games will the Red Sox win in 2012?


Last week, while the controversy over whether or not Daniel Bard would head back to the bullpen was in full force, we asked if you thought that Bard should be put back in the bullpen or not. Brad has officially been named to the starting rotation, but the voting here on Fire Brand was extremely close.

Should the Sox Put Bard Back in the Bullpen?

  • No (51%, 157 Votes)
  • Yes (49%, 148 Votes)

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