POLL: Reaction to trade?

Now that the Red Sox have completely rebooted their franchise, how are you feeling moving forward?

Well, brave new world in Boston, indeed.

Now that the Red Sox have completely rebooted their franchise, how are you feeling moving forward?

How do you feel about the Red Sox post-trade?

  • Thrilled. This fell into our laps and I can’t wait to watch the Sox now.
  • Pretty good, not sure if it will work out but I’m intrigued.
  • They had lost me, now they’ve got me back.
  • They still have a ways to go to make this into a team worth watching.
  • This was a terrible trade!

The previous poll asked if it was time for the Sox to pack it in for the year. Well, the team answered the question for us, didn’t they?

Is it time for the Red Sox to give up on the postseason?

  • Yes, pack it in and move on. (61%)
  • What else can they do? Keep trying. (25%)
  • It’s still within reach — do whatever you can to end on a good note. (9%,)
  • No, the Sox can still make it. (5%)

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  1. Lyndsay August 26, 2012 at 7:28 PM #

    I would love if you could address the Ellsbury situation in your next post (given he isn't claimed on waivers). He must be thrilled that Crawford has been moved as he never seemed exactly thrilled with their tandem in the outfield, and this also frees up money to sign him long-term. I would think this opens up possibilities for Kalish as well. I'm excited that this means they can now bring up guys who've been languishing in the minors too long who deserve a shot but have been previously logjammed at their positions.
    I'm also wondering if this benefits them at all in terms of draft picks – if they're looking to rebuild the farm long-term, they have to be looking at ways to do better in the draft. I hope this is a Rays-type maneuver to bring in young,hungry talent that hasn't known success yet and wants it badly. For all the people whining (my roommate) that these prospects just get sent to AAA – that's where you want them, eager to make the team next year in spring training. I think next year's spring training will be exciting – they can reposition half their roster from scratch.

  2. Guest August 28, 2012 at 7:25 PM #

    Not a good deal. Just plain rebooting the roster does not in fact add value. Also having to give up a perennial MvP caliber player in Gonzalez weakens the Sox greatly – how do they know they will ever get another player of his value, not to mention Crawford's value, with their new $$ to spend. They've already tried that. Besides who knew Crawford would get injured? Anyone that is acquired can get hurt and next year he'll be back healthy and a terror on the bases and solid at the top of the order. If it's such a plus for the Dodgers then it's a minus for the Sox. Mentioning Kalish as an answer is foolish. I've heard reasoning that the Sox fans didn't like the roster so they had to do it. Really that is foolish. Fans are whimsical and I know many that are very upset. It seems to me Ben the GM is letting ego get in the way so he can clear the slate from any of Theo's deals. Shame. Keep in mind free agents may not WANT to come to Boston any more. Would you?

  3. SuperDave August 29, 2012 at 8:14 AM #

    People need to say it: Its Valentine. He is disruptive anywhere he goes. Players just do not want to play for him. He is one of those guys who players tolerate when winning, but hate him when losing. Because of Valentine Youk, Gonzo, and now maybe Ellsbury, are/will be gone. Pedroia is just being a good soldier, as everyone knows he cannot stand Valentine and his methods. FIX IT!