POLL: Biggest offseason priority?

What's the biggest issue? What should their priority be this offseason?

The offseason is set to start in full swing and there will be no shortage of rumors surrounding the Red Sox. Flush with cash and a desire to trade makes Boston one of the most intriguing teams to follow all winter, as they could go in any conceivable direction as well as be a big player on both the trade and free-agent market.

The Sox have plenty of issues. What’s the biggest issue? What should their priority be this offseason? Vote and let us know why! Here are your options:

  • Finding a #2/#3 SP
  • Trading Jacoby Ellsbury
  • Acquiring a young, solid bat to for the middle of the lineup
  • Finding a long-term 1B
  • Finding a long-term corner OF
  • Not handing out dumb contracts

The previous poll asked your feelings on the John Farrell hiring.

The results were interesting — it’s clear that a lot of people are uncertain. The majority believe Farrell is a good candidate, just unsure if he was an uninspired choice. In my conversations with Sox fans since the hiring, almost every single one has expressed similar reservations. The fact is, the fans’ trust in Boston has been badly shaken and that trust needs to be earned back. Until then, we won’t blindly follow behind front office decisions. Look, I think Farrell is a solid manager and he could end up being fantastic. Or he might end up being just good enough to keep his job, but not transcendent. We’ll find out. Here are the results:

How do you feel about John Farrell’s hiring?

  • Good candidate, just not sure it was an inspired choice. (36%, 77 Votes)
  • Great! Fantastic choice to lead the team. (25%, 54 Votes)
  • Have to wait and see — not sold on him. (23%, 50 Votes)
  • Sox took the easy way out instead of finding the next great manager. (16%, 34 Votes)

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