Red Sox close to a 2-year deal with OF Jonny Gomes

Red Sox have an agreement in place pending a physical per Joe MCDonald of ESPN.

According to Comcast Sports Net’s Sean McAdam, the Red Sox are closing in on a 2-year deal with free agent outfielder Jonny Gomes.

Gomes, 31, has played for the Tampa Bay Rays, Cincinnati Reds and Oakland A’s organizations – spending the lion’s share of the time as a platoon OFer. It’s hard to identify what role Gomes will have, but he’ll most likely be used in a super platoon situation much like Cody Ross was used last year. In fact, both he and Ross are interesting studies in contrast, with many similar skills with some nuanced differences.

Ross is certainly a more versatile and capable defender, while Gomes will likely have to be stashed away in LF for safe keeping, if that. Gomes however, fares better against righties and takes more walks. Either way, one would have to assume that Gomes’ presence on the roster virtually assures that the Sox have moved on from Ross altogether.

credit: Jeremy Lundbland, ESPNGomes’ biggest strength is his ability to mash left handed pitching – doing so at a .385 wOBA clip over the course of his career. That skill should serve him particularly well in Fenway, especially considering that virtually all of his power is to the left side of the ballpark. Taking a quick look at his BIP chart should give Red Sox fans some reason for optimism that his bat should play well in Boston – regardless of whether he starts of finds himself coming in off the bench in a platoon situation.

The downside – as was mentioned before – is his incredibly bad defense. As Jeremy Lundbland of ESPN pointed out – since 2005, he’s one of the 10 worst outfielders in all of baseball in both runs saved and UZR/150. While watching poor defenders in LF is nothing new to Sox fans, Gomes may prove to be especially bad. With the DH position swallowed up by David Ortiz, it’s hard to imagine Gomes being in a situation where he could start everyday, as his glove is quite simply a liability. Asking him to play every day would be stretching his skills past what he’s capable of delivering.

In spite of that, Gomes does bring with him a sterling reputation as a fun, amiable clubhouse presence. Along with the signing of David Ross, it should be a major indicator that the Red Sox are very serious about cleaning up what was certainly a messy Red Sox clubhouse last season.

Be sure to check back frequently as we’ll continuously update this post as we learn more about the money, quirks, favorite songs, dances and more. BEHOLD~! JONNY GOMES~!

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  1. Mr Punch November 21, 2012 at 6:27 PM #

    What's the point? Gomes hit well last year, but this is buying high on an inconsistent and at best very limited 32-year-old. He's really a platoon DH who can play LF, at home, in a pinch. He might be a good pickup in February or March, I guess, but signing him now looks like a message that the Sox aren't going to make major moves.

    • gerry November 21, 2012 at 6:46 PM #

      Maybe, though I doubt the Sox would risk a backlash by NOT signing several solid if not spectacular players like Napoli, Davis, Choo, Upton, Sanchez, Jackson who are very much still available with weeks before the winter meeting. Kalish, Nava or Sweeney and Gomes will probably deliver stronger offense from LF than, say, a Melky lotto pick. He hits lefties, which accounts for about 25% of MLB AB's, so he will be in the field around 25-40% of the time, and will probably deliver 15+HR and 20+ doubles/triples with a solid OBP. He also helps rebuild the passion and clubhouse chemistry, for a very affordable price. IMO it's another great depth move as long as the platoon is maintained.

    • Hunter Golden November 21, 2012 at 7:03 PM #

      Heyman said he was asking for $3-4 million per. At 2/$8, I think that's a pretty clear message they're going to use him in a platoon/bench role. I'd much rather pay what the Red Sox are paying for Gomes than what Ross was demanding.

      Pontificating at all on what the Red Sox will or won't do when we haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet is sort of silly. The Red Sox – by in large – are in 'damned if they do, damned if they don't' territory. If they spend money, people who misinterpreted the August trade will complain they're spending too much and not allowing room for prospects to develop. If they don't spend, they'll say they're phoning it in.

      To me, they seem to be building this team from the outside-in as opposed to the inside out. Usually the name of the game is develop a core and supplement. With a weakened core, it seems to make ore sense to anticipate what will develop over time while bringing in people who give you flexibility, strong culture and can fill temporary needs. I'm fine with this. Not doing cartwheels, but fine with it.

      • Gerry November 23, 2012 at 6:42 AM #

        I admit when I saw 2/$10 I went a bit ballistic. Not about a few extra MM over two years, but because that large of a deal implies alot of playing time, more than his glove or splits should allow. In my mind I saw a perfectly balanced OF such as Victorino, Ells and Choo (or Ryan Kalish), top defenders, good to great arms, high OBP, 60HR, 100 doubles, 100+SB, all for $10-25MM new dollars for 2013. With Choo and Ells likely leaving for greener pastures next year in FA, there would be plenty of room for JBJ, Bogaerts, Brentz as needed. The only way Gomes can impact the offense as multi-tool Victorino would is to platoon him, primarily at Fenway, mashing lefties, while Nava (Sweeney or Kalish) hits righties in his high OBP way, and plays most road games. Not platooning Gomes is to hurt the team and lose games,
        to platoon him might win alot of games.

  2. earl November 25, 2012 at 11:36 AM #

    i think they over paid but just to get this out of the way… get the small deals first then work all offseason on the big stuff… dont have to worry about that headache when spring training is coming around