POLL: Backup 1B?

Should the Red Sox bring in a backup first-baseman?

Another week gone by, another poll to vote in!

This time around, first base is a topic of discussion in the Red Sox community. With the news Boston inked Mike Napoli to a one-year deal, it appears as if the starting first baseman job is set for the Red Sox. However, there’s also been some scuttlebutt on the team trying to deal for someone who can come off the bench and play first base and maybe some corner outfield. In essence, replacing Jerry Sands, who was shipped to the Pirates in the Joel Hanrahan deal. We’ve heard the names Justin Smoak and Mike Carp lately.  Who would you like to see added to the bench in this role? Vote and let us know on the options below:

  • Justin Smoak
  • Mike Carp
  • A free-agent (Kotchman, Overbay, etc.)
  • Trade for someone else
  • No one else is needed

The previous poll asked if we should add another starting pitcher. The majority of people — 34 percent would like to see Javier Vazquez added, who might be a nice under-the-radar candidate. Even if Javy V isn’t signed, however, 30 percent of you guys said someone else should be signed, while 17 percent said a trade should be executed — so a whopping 81 percent of you at the very least want someone else added to the rotation. That would likely push Felix Doubront out of a role, so perhaps he could be used in trade?

Should the Sox add another starting pitcher?

  • Yes, sign Javier Vazquez. (34%, 85 Votes)
  • Yes, sign someone else. (30%, 75 Votes)
  • Nope, the team is set. (19%, 48 Votes)
  • Yes, trade for someone using our assets. (17%, 43 Votes)

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  1. Gerry January 19, 2013 at 3:50 AM #

    I don't see how signing a major league veteran to a generous minor league deal pushes Doubront out of the rotation. The fact that Nieves and Farrell on his tour are meeting with Doubie and Morales about now in Ft. Myers would suggest the opposite. IMO it is more likely, if a starting rotation pitcher like Vasquez is signed, that Lackey is already slated to spend April-May on the DL and in AAA rebuilding his arm and regaining his stuff.

    Doubront is too valuable to give up on a team that has been well constructed, certainly not in a trade for a backup 1B like Smoak or Carp, especially when Kotchman's great glove and steong OBP lefty bat are available for just $$. Also arguing against a SP other than depth is the immediate availability of Morales, Aceves, and imminence of DeLaRosa and Hernandez, with others right behind them.