Episode #140: Where Jonathan Papelbon isn’t walking through that door

Paul and Tim look up and down the line up and the effect of injuries on the bullpen.

Episode #140
Hosts: Paul Testa, Tim Daloisio
Guests: none


Despite a rough road in Texas, the Boston Red Sox are still atop the American League East. Are tougher times ahead? Or is there offensive production to be found from the struggling bottom of the lineup?

We discuss Clay Bucchholz and “Crisco-gate” in Toronto and conclude Jack Morris is an ass. Fireworks ensue when a discussion over the injuries to Joel Hanrahan and Andrew Bailey become a referendum on Jonathan Papelbon.

All that and more on this episode of Fireside Chats.

Thanks for listening!

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Tim Daloisio has been blogging about the Red Sox since 5 minutes after he discovered what a blog was in 2003. After managing the blogs Musings from RSN and The Red Sox Times, Tim decided to join the Fire Brand community at the beginning of the 2008 season as a writer and producer and host of the Fireside Chats weekly podcast. When not writing, talking, or thinking about the Red Sox, Tim spends his time in NH with his wife and two daughters.


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