Chicks Dig the Long Ball

The five longest home runs hit by the Red Sox this season.

I’m dealing with a bad case of nerves as the Red Sox begin playoff baseball for the first time in 2009. To try to generate some good hitting karma, let’s look at the five longest home runs hit by the Red Sox this season. This list came from the ESPN Home Run Tracker.

Honorable Mention: Xander Bogaerts, 09/07/13, 443 feet

When you’re the best Red Sox prospect in ages, you hit your first home run in Yankee Stadium, and you hit it so far the announcers are struggling for words, you’re making the list. This was actually the eighth furthest Sox home run of the season, but frankly I wanted to see it again. I love the reaction of his teammates in the dugout. As you may have heard, this is a close-knit bunch. Maybe it’s the beards.

#5: David Ortiz, 05/23/13, 446 feet

I love the extension Big Papi gets on his swing when he really gets ahold of one. It’s rare to see one hit more than a few rows deep past the bullpens at Fenway, but this one lands well up the bleachers. Ortiz hit a home run every 17 at bats this season. Remember when I suggested he bunt more? Only with no one on base big guy.

#4: Will Middlebrooks, 04/07/13, 449 feet

Middlebrooks had three home runs in this game, his high water mark before a horrible slump that ended with him in the minors. Even in a disappointing season, he did hit .273 against left handed pitchers, so hopefully we see more of this home run stroke against the Rays lefty starters. Texas Forever Will.

#3: Mike Napoli, 04/07/13, 460 feet

The rest of the home runs on the list are the Mike Napoli Rogers Centre traveling show. This one came in the same blowout win as the three Middlebrooks hit. Napoli seems to love the Rogers Centre, he had five home runs there this season, his most at any visiting park. The pitcher with his head down and hands on his knees is a great reaction after you hit the baseball.

#2 and #1, Mike Napoli, 05/01/13, 467 and 472 feet

From the same game on May 1st, here’s 940 feet of Mike Napoli home runs. I agree with Don and Jerry on this one, the left center shot looks longer, maybe because the camera man does a better job of tracking the ball. I’ve seen the Red Sox play many, many games at Sky Dome/Rogers Centre and I’ve never seen the ball hit to this part of the park. Mike Napoli, destroyer of baseballs.


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  1. Gerry October 6, 2013 at 3:00 PM #

    Thanks for that, and for getting Xander in there. And in 2014 we will have all of Papi, WMB, XB and Nap or Abreu, and maybe even Brentz to measure. Still haven’t found the distance on Papi’s Pesky Pole long shot last nite.
    As long as we also have a high team OBP, 350+ doubles & triples, and 100+ SB with low CS%, this offense will continue to rock into another post-season.