ALDS Game-3 Drinking Game

Andre K devises a playoff drinking game to help us deal with our anxieties and his own insecurities.

The Red Sox are in the playoffs for the first time since the 2009 season. While the games are already suspenseful and you really don’t need any alcohol to heighten the excitement, here’s a great drinking game to play during the ALDS.

YOU MUST BE OVER 21 TO PLAY…Follow the law and make your parents proud.. No, but really, drink responsibly. Don’t be a dingus. 

- David Ortiz hits a home run.
- Jacoby Ellsbury steals a base.
- Drink two if Quintin Berry steals a base.
- Drink three if Quintin Berry hits a home run.
- An announcer compares this year’s team to the 2004 team and cites both teams’ laid back approach.
- The top section at Tropicana Field is closed off.
- An announcer mentions the blockbuster trade between the Dodgers and the Red Sox last year.
- An announcer mentions the blockbuster trade between the Dodgers an the Red Sox last year a second time.
- An announcer talks about Koji Uehara’s tendency to give boisterous high fives.
- An announcer talks about the beards. Drink two if they talk about Josh Reddick’s recent tweet about all the attention going to the Red Sox beards.
- Each time we see David Ross’ white beard in a non-start.
- An announcer talks about cow bells at Tropicana Field.
- Alex Cobb gets knocked out before the 5th inning.
- Clay Buchholz pitches 7 innings.
- An announcer talks about Daniel Nava’s first career at-bat.
- Someone mentions Michael Young.

- Keith Olbermann says something annoying on the TBS pre- or post-game show. You decide if it’s ridiculous or not. The more you don’t like him, well, sorry.
- An announcer brings up Clay Buchholz’s dominant first half start and how he may have been a Cy Young candidate if he didn’t get hurt.
- An announcer brings up Alex Cobb’s great performance in the wild card game at Cleveland.
- An announcer brings up David Ortiz’s stare after his second home run in Game 2.
- A reference is made to the Red Sox run margin in the series.
- The Rays hit any double play.
- Any time the bases are loaded with Red Sox players with full blown beards. (Sorry Jacoby and Papi, yours don’t count)
- Any player hits a home run off the catwalks at the Trop. (2 shots)
- Alex Rodriguez is somehow mentioned in any part of the broadcast. (2 shots; 1 for the game and the second for your mental well being. We’re looking after you, here.)
- Mark Bellhorn is somehow mentioned in any part of the broadcast. (3 shots)

- The Red Sox win. Feel free to light a cigar, too.
- The Red Sox celebrate in the clubhouse.

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  1. Mike October 7, 2013 at 9:39 PM #

    Drink 2 for Berry’s steal!