ALDS Drinking Game: Game-4

Andre K. has lost his mind. We have no control over anything he does, people.

Game 3′s drinking game might have been really nasty for some of you. After that loss, I’m sure plenty of people went to the bars to drink away their sorrows. Without further ado, here’s the Game 4 drinking game.

Again, please don’t break the law and drink responsibly. You dinguses.


* There’s a reference is made to Jake Peavy’s horrible postseason record.
* Jake Peavy goes 7.
* Jake Peavy throws tomahawks instead of baseballs.
* Jake Peavy throws grenades instead of baseballs.
* Jake Peavy throws himself instead of baseballs.
* Jake Peavy.
* Jeremy Hellickson doesn’t last 5.
* David Ortiz hits a jack.
* Joe Maddon talks about himself.
* Someone refers to Joe Maddon as a ‘guru’
* There’s a reference about Jose Lobaton’s walk off being a big time surprise.
* Anyone hits a catwalk (Drink two!)
* Anyone hits it into the fish tank (Drink two!)

* There’s a reference about how many teams have come back down from a 0-2 deficit in a series.
* There’s a reference about the Red Sox ALDS comebacks in 1999 and 2003.
* The Rays hit another walk off (drink three!)
* Someone refers to Jose Lobaton as a ‘clutch performer’
* The Government is still shut down by the time the game ends
* The Government is open by the time the game ends

* The Red Sox win the series!
* Your spouse isn’t looking.

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  1. DavidHusseinPowelstock October 10, 2013 at 10:33 PM #

    Did anyone survive the alcohol poisoning occasioned by this game?