The Fenway Advantage

Taking a look at the history of six and seventh games at Fenway Park

After five grueling, tension-filled games, the Red Sox will be back home at Fenway Park on Saturday night. For this piece, I looked to see how the Red Sox have fared in either a game six or game seven at Fenway over the club’s history.

It turns out they haven’t really played the many of these games at Fenway. Since 1912 when Fenway opened, the Sox have played a game six or game seven there only 11 times.

There were many notable years where the series did not end at Fenway Park, so here’s that list.

1946 World Series

In the only World Series to feature Ted Williams, the Red Sox lost both games six and seven in St. Louis.

1986 World Series

The horror-show games six and seven were at Shea Stadium. Game six was my worst moment as a childhood fan… let’s move on.

2003 ALCS, 2004 ALCS

The deciding games of the “Evil Empire” ALCS matchups were all at Yankee Stadium.

2008 ALCS

Games six and seven were in that horrible dome in Tampa.

So what seasons had the 11 times the Red Sox played a game six or seven at Fenway?

1912 World Series

In their first season at Fenway Park, the Red Sox lost game six but won game seven 3-2 in 10 innings over Christy Mathewson and the New York Giants.*

*Asterisk One- These were actually games seven and eight, because game two ended in a 6-6 tie after 11 innings. What the hell was going on in the 1912 World Series?

*Asterisk Two- The franchise actually won the World Series at home in 1901, but they were the Boston Americans at that point, they played at the Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds, and the series was a best of nine.

1918 World Series

The Red Sox won their last World Series for 86 years by beating the Cubs in game six at Fenway behind a three hit one run complete game by Carl Mays.

1967 World Series

Could another Drew get a big hit for the Sox?Photo by Kelly O'Connor of

Could another Drew get a big hit for the Sox? Photo by Kelly O’Connor of

The Impossible Dream Red Sox won game six at Fenway to force a deciding game seven. Unfortunately, Bob Gibson won his third game of the series in game seven as the Cardinals romp. The Cardinals were a real pain in the ass for the Red Sox until 2004.

1975 World Series

Carlton Fisk’s dramatic home run won game six, but the Sox are unable to stop Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine in game seven.

1986 ALCS

After a dramatic come from behind win in game five in Anaheim, the Red Sox steamrolled the Angels in games six and seven to advance to the World Series. I believe Roger Clemens and Wade Boggs both rode around Fenway on a police horse after game seven. Memories…

2007 ALCS

Red Sox crush the Indians in games six and seven behind the J.D. Drew $14 million Grand Slam to earn a trip to the World Series against Colorado.


The verdict? In 11 games, the Red Sox are 8-3 in games six or seven at Fenway Park. Let’s hope those winning ways continue on Saturday night.


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I've been a Red Sox fan since before birth, as my mom was watching the '75 World Series while pregnant with me. 1986 was a major life trauma, but I have always been a fan who believed that "next year" was the year. That faith was finally rewarded in 2004, and again in 2007, coincidentally the last 2 years that I have seen games in Fenway Park. I now follow the Sox from Texas, and love that I will see them in person in Houston this season. Follow Josh on Twitter here

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  1. KWAPT October 18, 2013 at 4:38 PM #

    Was at 6 & 7. I was busting Drew’s balls by chanting “Fourteen million…clap-clap clap clap clap”, and he croaked that granny.

  2. Gerry October 19, 2013 at 2:09 AM #

    I never understood publicly taunting and demeaning our own players. I have only seen it at Fenway by Sox fans, though I have been to a dozen other parks. As a kid I was horrified that so called Boston fans would mercilessly throw insults at my heroes like Ted Williams, Jimmy Piersall, Jackie Jensen. Any ideas why this phenomenon exists?

  3. KK October 19, 2013 at 12:57 PM #

    @Gerry You kidding? The fans at Comerica Park on Thursday were booing and taunting Prince Fielder for his poor performance this postseason. Fans boo/demean their own players all across the nation, in all sports. Just look at how some Texans’ fans reacted to Matt Schaub’s injury last week (they cheered). As for why the “phenomenon” exists, it’s because some people are mindless (see: drunk and/or stupid) and don’t give a shit about anything worth their salt.