Episode #147: Where we attempt to say Shin Soo Choo a few times…

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Episode #147
Hosts: Paul Testa, Tim Daloisio
Guests: None


Jarrod Saltalamacchia out, A.J. Pierzynski in. Andrew Bailey out, Edward Mujica in. Jacoby Ellsbury OUT….what next for the Red Sox this offseason? How much of their current plan hinges on Mike Napoli? What will the Red Sox do in the outfield to fill in for Ellsbury? Is Stephen Drew really in play or is it the dynamic duo of Will and Xander on the left side of the infield?

All that and more on this week’s edition of Fireside Chats.

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Tim Daloisio has been blogging about the Red Sox since 5 minutes after he discovered what a blog was in 2003. After managing the blogs Musings from RSN and The Red Sox Times, Tim decided to join the Fire Brand community at the beginning of the 2008 season as a writer and producer and host of the Fireside Chats weekly podcast. When not writing, talking, or thinking about the Red Sox, Tim spends his time in NH with his wife and two daughters.

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  1. Gerry December 8, 2013 at 4:35 PM #

    Agree fully on giving WMB/XB a real shot. How can some so undervalue WMB coming off a wrist injury (HBP) and back injury (crashing into Ross and the wall) believing he will not hit, despite his 30+HR, and at the same time are fine with Drew, Kemp, Mujica, Miller, etc., all coming off injuries. He is, essentially, a 25 yr old sophomore who struggled at age 23 and 24 through game related injuries. Get a good UIF as backup and lets see what they can do. Will they provide good defense, 70 doubles and triples, 40-50HR and cost about $1M combined? IMO it is terribly short sighted for media and bloggers to give up on him under these circumstances. What’s the difference between the Sox and MFY if both teams suppress their farms to hire veterans (Drew, Choo, PV, Demp, etc). Let these kids emerge. With WMB, XB, JBJ (all with MLB experience and little to learn in AAA) the Sox lineup would still have 10 of 13 veterans. Why the panic elsewhere? Thanks for your wisdom.