Brock Holt: Superhero

More powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... SuperBrock!

Brock Holt’s ascent from utility player to team MVP this season defies normal explanation. I’ve concluded that his meteoric rise must be due to superpowers, and that in fact Brock Holt is a superhero. Here are some possible origins of these powers.

Brock Holt (originally Brock-El) came to Earth on a rocket ship that his parents placed him on to escape the destruction of planet Krypton. Discovered by his adoptive parents Jonathan and Martha Holt, Brock soon learned that he possessed great powers on this planet. He hid these powers from the world, only revealing them on the baseball field.

I searched the local paper in Smallville, Kansas Stephenville, Texas for stories on a rocket ship crash-landing in the town. There were numerous stories on Brock Holt, but none that mentioned his extraterrestrial abilities. Apparently Brock-El’s secret identity as utility infielder Brock Holt has been quite effective. Sometimes, though, his superpowers have been hard to hide.

After his parents died, Brock Holt was raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. He lived a normal life until he was bitten by a radioactive spider on a school field trip. The bite from the spider gave him super strength and agility, as well as a “spider-sense” that allowed him to react to danger quickly. These powers allow him to play almost any position on the baseball field with almost preternatural ability.

Again, the local paper let me down. I thought a spider bite on a field trip would be big news in a small Texas town, but this incident apparently flew under the radar. Still, his superpowers in this area seem hard to deny. Spider-sense really seems to be the only explanation when Holt makes plays like this.

Brock Holt grew up privileged, the only child of Dr. Thomas and Martha Holt. His life changed when his parents were murdered in front of him during an attempted mugging. The loss drove Holt to challenge himself with intense intellectual and physical training which has served him well in his life as a professional baseball player.

Holt doesn’t carry his utility belt onto the field, but he does rock some great sunglasses and a terrific Twitter account. He showed his intense intellectual training by attending Rice University. Plays like this one show how he’s brought his intense physical training and effort to the field.

With the Red Sox still struggling, they will continue to need superhero Brock Holt to carry the team. Hopefully having the source of his powers revealed won’t hurt his performance on the field.

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