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Born December 31, 2003, Fire Brand of the American League (Twitter) is your home for analytical and opinionated takes on all things Boston Red Sox. Started in response to Aaron Boone’s home run, Evan Brunell flew solo until September 2005. Since then, years later, additional, passionate authors also callFire Brand home, dedicated to bringing the world musings from Red Sox Nation (whether you’re a card-carrying member or not). On October 31, 2014, Evan departed Fire Brand, leaving it in the capable hands of Bloguin.

The name origination is from a newspaper article published in March of 1919 in “Baseball Magazine,” the subject being new owner Harry Frazee. Evan stumbled across this article in Glenn Stout’s compilation of Red Sox articles throughout the ages in Impossible Dreams. You can view the article through Google’s Book Search here.

Frazee, one of the most reviled owners in the history of the game for his appalling sale of Babe Ruth, was actually viewed as a positive owner in the days woebegone (read the article). As as every true Red Sox fan knows, the sale of Babe Ruth had nothing to do with No, No, Nanette and everything to do with a star with a bad attitude and lust for money (hmm, shades of Gary Sheffield) being sold to the friendly (at that time, that is) New York Yankees to gather the cash to save beloved Fenway Park.

The Red Sox are the Fire Brand of the American League — the “Live Wire of Major League Baseball” — and this blog is no different.

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