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Wednesday Links

Bees! Bees are everywhere!

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Monday’s Links – The Shallows

Options are getting mighty thin.

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Why we should have seen Koji Uehara coming

Why? Well, probably because we’re all lazy idiots. Or we weren’t paying attention. OK, no – we’re just lazy idiots.

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Is He Worth It?

Contrasting the earned salaries and relative value of the Red Sox players this season.

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Are there still holes in the Red Sox bullpen?

Andre Khatchaturian makes his Fire Brand debut and pins Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a squash match while pondering the Red Sox bullpen.

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The Advanced Scout – Tampa Bay Rays

Brett checks in on the Tampa Bay Rays and yells at Luke Scott to get a razor.

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The Red Sox and the trade deadline: What not to do edition

Hunter Golden takes you by the hand kicking and screaming and gently whispers ‘let’s just leave that right there.’

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3 Up 3 Down Grades Out the Red Sox

3 Up 3 Down gives the Red Sox their mid-season grades.

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I Love That Dirty Water

A look back at the Red Sox’s eight walk-off wins from the first half of the season.

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3 Up 3 Down Grows the Legend of Jonny Gomes

3 Up 3 Down discusses Jonny Gomes and the growth of his beard as well as his legend.

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