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The Advanced Scout: ALCS – Detroit Tigers

Brett puts on his brown pants and prepares for a long series.

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Ghosts Of Red Sox Past: The 2013 Playoffs

Ben takes a look at some familiar faces we’ll see throughout the 2013 playoffs.

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Fun with Game Scores

Daniel takes a look at the best batting and pitching performances of the 2013 season, using a formula he doesn’t exactly understand.

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Ranking Possible Playoff Opponents

*IF* the Red Sox make the playoffs this year what teams do they want to face, and what teams would it be better to avoid?

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Red Sox trade for Jake Peavy

After a wild night, the Red Sox tango with the Tigers and White Sox and out pops a Peavy.

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Monday’s Links – Slow Ride, Take It Easy

Things are starting to settle down in the majors.

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Friday’s Links – We Are All Worth $13 Million

Some prerequisites apply, like, y’know, playing professional baseball.

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Winter Meetings Preview

Scott Candage predicts what the Red Sox will do at the Winter Meetings

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VOTE: Should Sox have done Marlins deal?

Should Boston have swung the deal the Jays did instead?

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GM Meetings Rumor Recap

Hunter Golden collects all the GM Meeting rumors and puts them in a nice, bright bucket. Then eats them. Alive.

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