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POLL: Which free agent do you want to bring back?

Your lipstick, smeared beside. I adore you, I always have. And every time you overdose I rush to intensive care. Another said I stare… Before you disappear… If this is the last dance, this is the last dance then, save it me baby

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The 2013 Red Sox are a force of nature

Hunter Golden attempts to contemplate the entirety of the 2013 Boston Red Sox – on the precipice of their 3rd World Series title in 10 years.

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POLL: Who will win the 2013 World Series?

So who will win the 2013 World Series? We wanna know!

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Random Musings: Halfway through the ALCS Edition

Hunter Golden checks in with a mess of incomplete thoughts, half-truths and other misc. delusions.

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ALCS Game 3 Drinking Game

Andre K is sooo nootyy when hay dranks.

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ALCS Game-1 Drinking Game

Andre K just woke up from his ALDS celebration. That means back to work.

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ALDS Drinking Game: Game-4

Andre K. has lost his mind. We have no control over anything he does, people.

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Ben Cherington’s 2013 Report Card: Sleep, Marry, Kill Edition

Hunter Golden wraps up his look at Ben Cherington’s 2013 season by taking a look at the fish that got away, and whether or not he should have kept them and eaten them. Also, the fish he ate. Yum.

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Ben Cherington’s 2013 Report Card: Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Edition

I will give you six Chip Bucks, an Evan Brunel and a half-smoked Daniel Poarch for that jar of Mayonnaise over there, guys.

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Ben Cherington’s 2013 Report Card: The Free Agents

Keeping it low level as always, Hunter Golden impresses no one with his analysis of Ben Cherington’s offseason free agent prance through the petunias.

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