Red Sox plan for Status Quo

According to all reports and Dave Dombrowski himself it looks like the Boston Red Sox are happy where they are. They plan to retain John Farrell and his staff and the players on the roster are all expected to return as is except for those who retire including David Ortiz and likely Koji Uehara. Is […]

Red Sox to Retire Ortiz number 34

An interesting side factor in the announcement that the Boston Red Sox will retire David Ortiz number 34 next season is that this will mark the tenth number of a former Red Sox player to be retired and sixth since the start of this century. (Not accounting the number 42 for Jackie Robinson) The Red Sox had […]

The Division is won, but should the Red Sox be better?

The Boston Red Sox of 2016 have won the AL East thanks to a loss by the Toronto Blue Jays last night. The team had a celebration in the clubhouse last night seemingly largely driven by advertising and less by an interest to party. That’s a good sign for a team more interested in what […]

Weighing the potential of Drew Pomeranz

The trade is done and the dust is settling over new Red Sox starter Drew Pomeranz. I’m not going to analyze the trade here any more than to say it was a good trade for both sides and while the Red Sox gave up a lot of skill they also lost some risk the same […]

Witness the Greatest season of any 40 year old

Before the season started David Ortiz had some interesting articles and more as the season started. I even wrote about his Hall of Fame chances, but the one I want to draw your attention to was at Fangraphs and asked was Ortiz possibly going to have the best offensive season of any 40 year old […]

Eduardo Rodriguez appears to be ready

Upon returning from injury it was worrisome to watch Eduardo Rodriguez struggle with Triple-A lineups this season. Before his last start in the minors he had yet to throw a single game with more than 3 strikeouts in a game. His ERA was still above 4.29 and he was showing good control, but unable to […]

Clay BuchhoLz to the bullpen

According to Tim Britton on Twitter, John Farrell has told reporters in Toronto tonight that Clay Buchholz will be moved to the bullpen. This will also mean that Eduardo Rodriguez will make his return to the majors in a start on Tuesday. It was clear this was coming, but adds another major contract to the […]

Carson Smith velocity an indicator of injury

The Red Sox medical staff has continued to hold a cloud of mistrust with fans as the team continues to suffer from injuries and have disagreements with players over diagnosis. That is exacerbated when the team signs players who barely pitch a game in Boston before being injured or pitching as if they were injured. […]

Here’s to the best offense in baseball

It’s tough to find a stat that doesn’t tell you the Red Sox are currently the best offense in baseball. After 44 games the Red Sox are first in all of baseball in runs scored, RBIs, batting average and SLG. They place second in OBP to the Chicago Cubs and third in stolen bases. They […]

Clay Buchholz Showing no Signs of Rebound

I made a post last month about Clay Buchholz struggles in April and while we’re only two weeks into May it looks like Buchholz is still struggling to get going. He’s made three starts this month and only one would be considered a good start. He has managed to average 6.0 innings pitched during that time, […]

Jackie Bradley Jr Playing Red Sox Savior

It’s time to wonder what the real Jackie Bradley Jr looks like. With 270 games played so far in his career he’s shown flashes of some power, a troubling level of strikeouts and some ability to draw walks. His glove has always been so valued that many were willing to deal with a league average […]

Xander Bogaerts might never develop power and that’s OK

It’s been two full seasons for Xander Bogaerts and so far the power just hasn’t arrived. In those 1434 plate appearances he has 22 total home runs or averaging 10 home runs a season. He’s still a long way from his power prime being only 23 years old, but it’s possible Bogaerts will be fine […]

2016 Lineup Proving Homers aren’t Everything

Since the end of Manny Ramirez run with the Red Sox the team has been in flux with regards to building a lineup that is a solid mix of power and great all around hitting. It was always great to see the lineup rotate around two 40 home run hitters, but it’s not easy to […]

First Base Becoming an Issue

For all the talk about what a good teammate Hanley Ramirez has been this year and his solid work at first base defensively it’s going to need to improve soon if the Red Sox truly plan to contend. In 24 games played so far Hanley has a WAR of -0.2 with equal amounts of negative […]

Pablo Sandoval to undergo surgery and miss remainder of 2016

The team has announced that Pablo Sandoval will undergo season ending surgery on his shoulder by Dr. James Andrews. It was only said that there is a “great deal going on” with regards to the injury to his shoulder. This injury still remains very secretive and curious if he came to spring training with this, […]