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Brandon Workman Claims Final Spot on Opening Day Roster

Brandon Workman was the final player to be added to the 25-man roster yesterday.

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Kolbrin Vitek and broken hearts

Harry shares some thoughts on the retirement of Kolbrin Vitek and the first-year player draft.

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Roster Power Rankings, March Edition

“Time tested. Battle tested. It’s time to put your hard hat on, it’s boys club, men’s league so it’s time to go to work.” Jonny Gomes

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Tuesday Links

Good News: Spring training is almost over.

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POLL #101 – Minor League Pitching

Fire Brand Poll #101 – Which of Boston’s minor league pitchers will be the first to see the majors this season?

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Analyzing John Farrell’s Starting Rotation

With Clay Buchholz slated in the fifth spot in the rotation, what will the rest of the rotation look like?

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Fluke or Legitimate? Red Sox Bullpen Has Tough Act To Follow

Andre speaks of the dreaded regression to the mean coming in 2014.

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Analyzing Projections, Part 3

Daniel concludes his look at projections for the 2014 Red Sox with the prospects most likely to see the majors this season.

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Monday’s Links – Longevity

I passed the test of time with flying colors!

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Improving the 2014 Boston Red Sox

Ben takes a completely reasonable and totally plausible look at ways to upgrade the 2014 roster.

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