Laundry List: Lowell’s Hip, Kotchman’s Bat

Two items for today’s laundry list:
1) Hope that Lowell’s hip heals
2) Pray to Pedro Serrano’s voodoo gods (yeah, that crazy guy from “Major League“) that if he doesn’t, Casey Kotchman’s bat will rise from its slumber.
Mike Lowell came into this season on the heels of a revolutionary labrum surgery, one so new that it is yet to be named (that Lowell, incidentally, hopes will be named after him). Alex Rodriguez and Chase Utley had similar surgeries, yet Lowell had the most complete, radical form.
As a result, he’s already had one DL stint this season due to the hip and received another Synvisc injection Monday. This injection will provide added lubricant to the joint so that it can function properly with less pain.
Over 16 days prior to his June 28 – July 16 DL stint, Lowell batted 7-36 with 0 home runs and just one extra base hit.
This time, he has batted 10-43 with 0 home runs and one extra base hit over that same span. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of his health and one has to wonder whether Lowell would be hitting the DL if this were any month other than September.
In addition, Casey Kotchman is going to need a little voodoo magic the way things are going. He’s batting .222/.291/.306 in 72 at-bats for the Sox this season. He’s a much better hitter than this, as his .282/.354/.409 line with Atlanta attests.
Hopefully, a couple days away from the diamond will “do a body good”. However, if Lowell’s injury past is any indicator, we may not see the Mike Lowell of old again this season.