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Discount and Decline

Brett Cowett warns against giving Jon Lester $100 million – for good reason.

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Trading from Strength

How prospect depth could influence the Red Sox at the trade deadline.

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Ahead of the Game

Three reasons why the Red Sox have one of the best minor league systems in baseball.

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POLL #101 – Minor League Pitching

Fire Brand Poll #101 – Which of Boston’s minor league pitchers will be the first to see the majors this season?

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Analyzing Projections, Part 3

Daniel concludes his look at projections for the 2014 Red Sox with the prospects most likely to see the majors this season.

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Wednesday’s Links – Restart

Baseball’s back. Back again.

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Red Sox Top 15 Prospects

My rankings of the Red Sox loaded minor league system.

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Improving the 2014 Boston Red Sox

Ben takes a completely reasonable and totally plausible look at ways to upgrade the 2014 roster.

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Buyer’s Remorse

There’s a fine line between what the Sox can do and what they should do.

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Top 10 Red Sox Offseason Rumors

Ben breaks down 10 Red Sox rumors you’re going to hear quite frequently in the coming weeks.

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