Know Thine Enemy 2009: New York Yankees

The other half of the best rivalry in sports, The New York Yankees. The Bronx Bombers “only” ended up with 89 victories last season. And the key players they inked this past off-season, have them looking incredibly strong on paper for this upcoming 2009 season.

The philosophy about building a strong farm was basically put on hold for a year. But Brian Cashman made some nice maneuvers, and the result–whether it was intentional or not–allowed the Yankees to lose their first three picks this year. And that is better than losing a first-round pick in three consecutive seasons, of course.

Know Thy Enemy: 2008 New York Yankees

Much like this year’s political campaigns, Yankee fans want change. Ever since the Luis Gonzalez bloop single fell into shallow left field, ending the Yankee reign atop the baseball world, the franchise has seemingly never been the same. And ǃ˙never been the sameǃ˘ in Yankee terms equals zero championships won. Each year since 2001 the […]

Future Looking Bright In New York And Boston

Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Red Sox GM Theo Epstein meet at a trendy Boylston Street Italian restaurant to discuss baseball operations, their deep and passionate friendship and to trade Joe DiMaggio for Ted Williams. Before the bill came, the two rival GM

Rocketing back to NY

With the recent news that Roger Clemens has signed a contract with the Yankees worth a prorated $28 million for the course of the year, Zach, Evan and Mike attempt to make sense of it all… ZACH: We were all fooled by Roger Clemens. While the speculation mounted, the message board posters debated and the […]

Know Thy Enemy 2007: New York Yankees

Ah, the New York Yankees. Hated team and bitter rival to the Red Sox. The Stadium affectionately referred to as The Toilet … the home of The Slap … and the rivalry never reached heightened levels (and probably never will again) from 2003-2004 with the aftermath still raging. Let’s learn about this 2007 team, as […]