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Thursday Links: Red Sox extend offers

After spending 2 days in Boston, free agent third baseman Pablo Sandoval took off from Logan Airport on Wednesday without a contract offer from the Red Sox. While a big name free agent leaving Boston without signing or receiving an offer is atypical of the current ownership group, the book isn’t closed on Sandoval in […]

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Tuesday Links: Rumors abound on day one of GM Meetings

Outside of the General Managers Meetings fueling the offseason rumor mill, Major League Baseball announced the winners of the Rookie of the Year Awards. In the American League, White Sox’ slugging first baseman Jose Abreu took home the hardware in a unanimous decision. After defecting from Cuba, Chicago inked Abreu to a 6 year, $68M […]

Tuesday Links: Benches and Bullpens

While the American League Championship Series is all set to go, the National League side of the postseason is still stuck in the Divisional Series. On Monday, the Washington Nationals staved off elimination behind a solid effort from right-hander Doug Fister. After both Fister and Giants starter Madison Bumgarner exchanged scoreless frames for the first […]

Daniel Nava: Odd Man Out?

Predicting the 13 position players that could make up the 2013 Boston Red Sox Opening Day Roster. Specifically, will Daniel Nava make the team?

The $6M Question

As Charlie mentioned in his column yesterday, the Marco Scutaro trade provided the Red Sox with $6M in salary relief.  While it might seem strange to many of us that a high-revenue club with a payroll consistently hovering around the luxury tax threshold could need some salary relief, it’s a sign of the times.  The […]

Assessing Boston’s shortstop options

One of 9 total players to earn a hit.

With the departure of Alex Gonzalez to Toronto, it’s time to move on and explore what options are available to Boston to man the shortstop position in 2010 — and possibly beyond. I’ve gone through some potential free-agent and trade options and then tied it all in a neat little bow for consideration.

Internal options include Jed Lowrie and Jose Iglesias.

The free agent market has a bevy of options, but they all have their drawbacks. From Marco Scutaro to Adam Everett to Miguel Tejada to Craig Counsell — yes, Craig Counsell — we have you covered here.

Want to think trade? Stephen Drew, Cristian Guzman and Hanley Ramirez are considered.

Yeah, Hanley Ramirez. The New York Daily News has a note that the Marlins are talking to the Red Sox about a Hanley Ramirez trade.

Remember when Josh Beckett was great?

And I know that “game-calling” skills may be overrated. But in the case of Beckett, I prefer Varitek to be behind the plate, rather than Kottaras. No disrespect to Georgie boy, but I like when the calm, collective, intelligent mind of Tek is calling the shots while Beckett is on the hill. Could be just a personal preference I guess. But we will all agree, I’m sure, that nobody knows Beckett like Tek does.

Chat Transcript: Ortiz, Yankees, Buchholz and more

David Ortiz – Samara Pearlstein

Sit down with a big cup of coffee, because have I a treat for you. I participated in a chat on Tuesday night and they have made the transcript available for Fire Brand to peruse.

I talk about which minor leaguers to keep an eye on… what the Sox need to do to win this year… how important David Ortiz is to us.

Oh, I also throw out predictions such as who will finish at first… scoff at the Yankees… and talk about who the heck can be our future catcher.

We're Making The Playoffs!

In 2003, 2004 and 2005, the Red Sox lost Opening Day and went on to make the playoffs. In 2006, Opening Day was won and … well, let’s not talk about what happened after that. Curt Schilling simply was not on today. He didn’t have it from the start and Tony Pena Jr. just wreaked […]