Which free agent should the Red Sox bring in?

Although the speculation is endless in these parts, it’s still fun to play armchair GM and make decisions on what the Red Sox should do with their money. This week, we are asking you in our weekly poll (over to the right of the page), which free agent should the Red Sox bring in?  Stud […]

Hope Springs Eternal

Right before spring training starts, the questions we’ve raised in the offseason taper off, and spring training battles slowly start to take shape. Major media outlets are trying to field any lagging fan questions, players without homes scramble for a job, or continue to pout and lament over their perceived value.

One of the things I tend to do around this time of year is always go back to some of the reasons why I’ve worn this team like a red badge of courage for so long. In my short 31 years, I never suffered though the ultimate let down from the Impossible Dream, I never got to cheer the most famous fly ball ever to just stay fair, or got to give Bucky Dent a very special middle name.

In Good Hands

When the news of Josh Beckett’s strained oblique broke, I’ll admit it, my heart dropped and my shoulders sagged. The one thing that fans and pundits alike thought that the Red Sox had going for them in the post-season was the best post-season, big game pitcher since Curt Schilling. Knowing that Josh Beckett would kickoff […]

Week 25: Embrace the drama

Wow, can you believe it? 25 weeks ago everyone thought they were a contender, after weeks of uncertainity and drama, we finally know who won the Emmys. Thank goodness that’s over, now we can focus on baseball again! Here’s what we have going for the last week of the 2008 regular season schedule: The Rays […]

Monster Mash: Can Tito trust Masterson in the playoffs?

The success of Red Sox phenom Justin Masterson since his major league debut on April 24th has been well documented. The 23 year old rookie lost only once in his first seven starts, reminiscent of the 2007 Clay Buchholz at a time when the 2008 Buchholz looked more like a 2002 Tomo Ohka. Despite his […]