Weekend Round-Up – 5/29/2011

These links are brought to you by Fred Wilpon.  Sick of Frank McCourt getting all of the headlines, Fred Wilpon decides to add his own brand of crazy to steal a few for himself… Tales from around the Red Sox Blogosphere: Fire Brand of the American League – This week at Fire Brand:  Mike discusses […]

Weekend Round-Up – 5/8/2011

Tales from around the Red Sox Blogosphere: Fire Brand of the American League – In case you missed it…Troy analyzes Carl Crawford’s slump; Charlie wonders when A-Gon will regain his power and suggests the strikeout parade won’t last much longer; Mike takes a long look at Red Sox prospect Kolbrin Vitek; and I examine thestruggles of Bobby Jenks and […]

Weekend Round-Up – 5/1/2011

Tales from around the Red Sox Blogosphere: Fire Brand of the American League – In case you missed it this week…Mike traces Lavarnaway’s success back to one conversation; Troy discusses Papelbon’s contract push and explains the difference a week can make; Charlie gives us five reasons to believe Buchholz will turn it around and discusses […]

Weekend Round-Up – 4/24/2011

Good morning, and a Happy Easter to all of those who celebrate.  I’ve expanded my link-around yet again.  Yes, I’m constantly tinkering, but I’m hoping this is the last one for a while.  I think the new format makes the round-up more complete and easier to read.  (If you disagree, please tell me.)  I may […]

Weekend Round-Up – 4/17/2011

Happy Sunday everyone!  Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of this week’s links. Around the Red Sox blogosphere: In case you missed something this week at Fire Brand…Troy examined John Lackey’s tendency to struggle in April, and the return of Beckett’s curve; Darryl reviewed Clay Buchholz’s long ball tendencies; Charlie wondered if it was time […]

Weekend Round-Up – 4/10/2011

The Weekend Round-Up returns after being off for the past couple of Sundays!  There are a ton of really great links from the past week, so let’s dive right in. Around the Red Sox blogosphere: In case you missed it…here at Fire Brand, Troy discussed lineup optimization; Charlie discussed Papi’s power surge; and I opined […]

Weekend Round Up – 3/20/2011

Today, I thought I’d start the links over at the ESPN Sweet Spot.  On Thursday (on behalf of Fire Brand) Charlie and I had the opportunity to take control of the mother ship at ESPN. Charlie led us off with an excellent piece about the potential breakout stars for 2011.  I agree with quite a […]

Weekend Round-Up – 3/13/2011

It’s time for our weekly link-o-rama!  Let’s dive right in, shall we? Joe Posnanski shares his four favorite offensive metrics:  OPS+, WPA, BABIP, and wOBA.  I’m a huge fan of wOBA, but the inclusion of OPS+ seems a bit redundant, especially when wRC+ is essentially wOBA+.  Still, it’s nice to see a mainstream baseball writer […]

Weekend Round-Up – 3/6/2011

Good morning everyone!  It’s a beautiful day outside (somewhere, at least).  Oh, and it’s my birthday.  (Please, no gifts!  LOL!)  Plus, I get to spend this Sunday morning linking up to some of the great articles I read all week.  What could be better? Co-Link of the Week – What would a Weekend Round-Up be […]

Weekend Round-Up – 2/27/2011

Sorry these links are a little late today.  I had to go work off the lobster and brie grilled cheese, duck fat fries, and two heavy, hearty stouts I had last night, at the gym.  It was delicious and definitely worth it.  Without further adieu, here are the links. Co-link of the Week:  While the […]

Weekend Round-Up – 2/20/2011

Hello everyone!  Starting today, we’ll be doing a new feature here at Fire Brand.  Every Sunday, I’ll share a series of baseball related links (and occasionally humorous non-baseball related links) from the previous week. Today’s links are brought to by Kevin Youkilis.  Unlike Rangers DH Michael Young, he doesn’t have an attitude about changing positions.  […]