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The Advanced Scout – Chicago White Sox

Brett avoids doing laundry and reports on the current state of the White Sox.

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Friday’s Links – Narrative Boogaloo

Milk those storylines for all they’re worth!

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Is He Worth It?

Contrasting the earned salaries and relative value of the Red Sox players this season.

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Wednesday’s Links – Baseball by the Bay

AT&T Park is beautiful. Those seagulls can leave now, though.

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Monday’s Links – The Arrival

The time has come.

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The Advanced Scout – New York Yankees

Brett contemplates the most unlikable thing and/or person in the sports world.

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Wednesday’s Links – Trending North

We’re on our way up!

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The Advanced Scout – Houston Astros

The Red Sox travel to Houston, and Brett delves into the not-so out-of-this-world Astros.

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Are there still holes in the Red Sox bullpen?

Andre Khatchaturian makes his Fire Brand debut and pins Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a squash match while pondering the Red Sox bullpen.

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Friday’s Links – It Ain’t Over…

…’till it’s over.

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