American League West Preview…And the rest of the remaining divisions too.

The Angels do not get on base much, and they haven’t hit for all that much power of late. I am a stat-guy. So I believe that an offense needs to do these things to score enough runs. There is only so much that can happen as a result of “hit and runs” and taking the extra base. Now, taking the extra base is great, and often overlooked–as is baserunning in general. But a team must get on base enough, in order to score enough.

The Abreu acquisition was great. For that amount of money, the team put aside their philosophy of having only players who can play defense, and sacrificed “it” for a little offense. There is no risk in signing Abreu, and he should still hit for average, get on base, and flash enough power to make him a quality all-around player.

Theo here for 3; Yanks will be busy

Theo Epstein has reportedly signed for three additional years, guaranteeing him at the helm of the Red Sox through 2011. Two interesting Yankee tidbits come today, via Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman. Heyman contends that the Yankees might explore trading Robinson Cano, a thought they have explored before. Last year, Brian Cashman asked Joe Torre […]

NYY 3, BOS 2: Giambi saves series

At least Jason Giambi did not want to get swept by the Boston Red Sox as he carried the Yankees on his shoulders for a 3-2 victory. A two-run homer in the seventh tied the game up at 2-2 and in the ninth Giambi delivered the walk-off single to stop Boston from completing the sweep. […]

Know Thy Enemy: 2008 New York Yankees

Much like this year’s political campaigns, Yankee fans want change. Ever since the Luis Gonzalez bloop single fell into shallow left field, ending the Yankee reign atop the baseball world, the franchise has seemingly never been the same. And ǃ˙never been the sameǃ˘ in Yankee terms equals zero championships won. Each year since 2001 the […]

Yanks come from behind to take game 1 in series

The Boston Red Sox blew their largest lead of the season, five runs, in the eighth inning losing to the New York Yankees 8-7. New York was down the whole game until the eighth as Jason Giambi and Robinson Cano hit back-to-back homeruns off of Hideki Okajima to start the inning and the Yankees scored […]

Red Sox: A Yankee Perspective

Hello folks. Jim Johnson here from The Bronx Block. I’m currently watching the Sox help the Yankees in their task of securing the Wild Card and I thought, “Hmm, it’s been a while since we’ve seen one another.” So I thought I’d come over and breathe a little New York into your lives. What’s New? […]

I hate off-days.

The headline says it all. Some quickies: The controversy surrounding A-Rod is 100 percent acceptable. It doesn’t matter if he shouted “mine!” or “hah!” It’s specifically against the rules. There is a rule in baseball (I have to run, otherwise I’d hunt it down and cite it) that states you cannot attempt to deceive someone […]

A couple of scares but Sox pull it out

Julio Lugo’s eight pitch at bat to leadoff the game against Mike Mussina (2-3) gave the rest of the Red Sox (31-14) lineup a huge advantage in the eventual 7-3 win against the New York Yankees (20-24). Kevin Youkilis, David Ortiz, and Manny Ramirez all capitalized on the outstanding leadoff effort from Lugo by all […]

Know Thy Enemy 2007: New York Yankees

Ah, the New York Yankees. Hated team and bitter rival to the Red Sox. The Stadium affectionately referred to as The Toilet … the home of The Slap … and the rivalry never reached heightened levels (and probably never will again) from 2003-2004 with the aftermath still raging. Let’s learn about this 2007 team, as […]