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Ranking Possible Playoff Opponents

*IF* the Red Sox make the playoffs this year what teams do they want to face, and what teams would it be better to avoid?

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The Advanced Scout – Cleveland Indians

The Advanced Scout gets his Kleenex handy as he analyzes the Cleveland Indians

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The Advanced Scout – Cleveland Indians

The Advanced Scout tries to find a respite in numbers as he analyzes the Cleveland Indians

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Monday’s Links – How to Lose Outfield Depth: Facepalm Edition

No really, it’s that frustrating.

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Riding the Bench

Taking a look at who will come off the bench for the Red Sox in 2013.

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American League West Preview…And the rest of the remaining divisions too.

The Angels do not get on base much, and they haven’t hit for all that much power of late. I am a stat-guy. So I believe that an offense needs to do these things to score enough runs. There is only so much that can happen as a result of “hit and runs” and taking the extra base. Now, taking the extra base is great, and often overlooked–as is baserunning in general. But a team must get on base enough, in order to score enough.

The Abreu acquisition was great. For that amount of money, the team put aside their philosophy of having only players who can play defense, and sacrificed “it” for a little offense. There is no risk in signing Abreu, and he should still hit for average, get on base, and flash enough power to make him a quality all-around player.

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Theo here for 3; Yanks will be busy

Theo Epstein has reportedly signed for three additional years, guaranteeing him at the helm of the Red Sox through 2011. Two interesting Yankee tidbits come today, via Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman. Heyman contends that the Yankees might explore trading Robinson Cano, a thought they have explored before. Last year, Brian Cashman asked Joe Torre […]

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NYY 3, BOS 2: Giambi saves series

At least Jason Giambi did not want to get swept by the Boston Red Sox as he carried the Yankees on his shoulders for a 3-2 victory. A two-run homer in the seventh tied the game up at 2-2 and in the ninth Giambi delivered the walk-off single to stop Boston from completing the sweep. […]

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Fireside Chats #3: Where we break down the series with the Yankees and look at the schedule ahead

Boston Red Sox podcast for MVN Radio Episode 3 where we break down the series with the Yankees and look at the schedule ahead with Frank Santorelli. Episode #3 Hosts: Paul Testa, Tim Daloisio Guest: Frank Santorelli (Yankee aficionado) The first series with the Yankees is in the books and while Chien-Ming Wang dominated game […]

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Know Thy Enemy: 2008 New York Yankees

Much like this year’s political campaigns, Yankee fans want change. Ever since the Luis Gonzalez bloop single fell into shallow left field, ending the Yankee reign atop the baseball world, the franchise has seemingly never been the same. And ǃ˙never been the sameǃ˘ in Yankee terms equals zero championships won. Each year since 2001 the […]

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