The Sunday Red Sox Excursive

If you are one of the millions of four-sport Boston fans in the world, then this has been an awe-inspiring week for you. With the Boston Bruins clinching their first championship in 39 years, it marked the 7th title in the city since the turn of the century. Winning has become the new standard in […]

All-Aughts Team of the Decade Honorable Mention Vote

MLB: Red Sox V Rangers May 27, 2007

Now that the All-Aughts Team of the Decade roster is complete, it’s time to fill out the two remaining spots available: honorable mention and dishonorable mention. We’re tackling the former today.

The Red Sox have players worthy of being immortalized on the Team of the Decade even though they didn’t crack the roster. Below are the five candidates eligible for honorable mention. Please take your time and vote for the candidate you feel belongs on the roster, either at the end of this article or on the right sidebar, near the top.

Eleven Names to Remember for the Trading Deadline

Did you know that the trading deadline is a scant two weeks away? There’s always a lot more bluster than there is actual trading and that’s been the case the last couple of years, but there are some tangential rumors out there involving the Red Sox. The Boston Globe gives 10 names the Red Sox […]

Halfway Home; Video of Bonds’ homer at Fenway

I just got back from the long, rain-soaked affair at Fenway, so forgive me if I cop out and bring you a guest column by Marlins Today‘s writer, Andy Lavin — also a Red Sox fan. Below the article, you will find two pictures (and notice the one above with Okajima!) I took at the […]

Top 40 Free Agents: 40-21

With a wicked Adam Wainwright curveball thrown past a swinging Brandon Inge for the last out of the World Series, the off season is upon us. Sox fans have endured an interminable postseason, a boring October compared to the last three years, and now some of the fun can begin. The winter meetings are just […]