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Wednesday Links

Second half coming up…

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In Their Own Defense, They’ve Been Terrible

The Red Sox were one of the best defensive teams in 2013, so far this season they’ve been one of the worst. What happened?

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Monday Links

Look on the bright side, it’s only April…

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Overheard at the Game

What the fans had to say during a game in Houston.

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Friday’s Links – A Rising Sun

It’s starting to get warmer.

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Dystopian Futures of the AL East

What’s the worst that could happen? Daniel has an idea.

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The Case for Stephen Drew

Why it makes sense to bring back Stephen Drew to Boston.

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The Advance Scout – New York Yankees

Brett comes back to Fenway to witness the annual end of the rivalry.

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The Advanced Scout – New York Yankees

Brett keeps seeing pinstripes on the schedule and wants it to stop.

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Why the Yankees Are Not Underdogs and Never Will Be

My most sincere apologies, but signing old players to bad contracts doesn’t transform a franchise from the Evil Empire™ to underdogs.

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