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#Hot #Takes with Daniel

These #takes are on fire.

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Kolbrin Vitek and broken hearts

Harry shares some thoughts on the retirement of Kolbrin Vitek and the first-year player draft.

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Pre-Emptive Strike

Andre wonders if patience really is a virtue in baseball.

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This Stove is on Fire

The offseason has begun and two major trades are already in the books. Daniel takes a look at who won and who lost.

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Why The MVP Vote is Confused.

Experts aren’t wrong because they pick the wrong guy. They pick the wrong guy because they are still clueless as to how many wins a player can possibly be worth.

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Award Fatigue

Daniel displays some cynical indifference towards the MLB’s major awards.

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Top 10 Red Sox Offseason Rumors

Ben breaks down 10 Red Sox rumors you’re going to hear quite frequently in the coming weeks.

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Fourth Place

Daniel contemplates the 2013 Red Sox and cringes his way through Fire Brand‘s preseason staff predictions.

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Proven Closers Need Not Apply

Teams need a proven closer to go far in the postseason? Why don’t we ask the REd Sox and Cardinals what they think about that…

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#HowGame5WillEnd: A Compendium

Ben takes a look at Twitter’s Game Five predictions.

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