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Tuesday Links

Oh, would you look at the time? I do believe it’s awesome o’clock!

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Have A Heart: Red Sox Enter 2014 With Most Powerful 3-4-5 Punch in AL East

Andre looks at who drives the offense on the Red Sox.

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Dystopian Futures of the AL East

What’s the worst that could happen? Daniel has an idea.

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The Hot Corner

Daniel attempts to answer the question: “Who is the MLB’s best third baseman?”

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Indelible Moments From the ALDS

A look at some of the most memorable moments from the Red Sox ALDS win over the Rays.

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The Buchh Stops Here

Pitching is becoming a back story for the 2013 Red Sox. Ben tells us why that’s a mistake.

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The Advanced Scout: ALDS – Tampa Bay Rays

I’m actually freaking out.

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Three Rays I Fear and Three I Don’t

Three Tampa Bay players who will be causing me to lose sleep over the next week, and three who probably will not.

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Ranking Possible Playoff Opponents

*IF* the Red Sox make the playoffs this year what teams do they want to face, and what teams would it be better to avoid?

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The Advanced Scout – Tampa Bay Rays

Brett checks in on the Tampa Bay Rays and yells at Luke Scott to get a razor.

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