Possible Bullpen Help: Grant Balfour

The Sox need bullpen help and I’m sure they will be exploring all avenues and options to improve things in 2011. There are some unique opportunities out there as well as the standard free agent options. One of those options has pitched in the AL East for the past three seasons and has put up […]

Know Thine Enemy 2009: Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays are coming off their first successful season in the history of the franchise. Finally, they’re not considered doormats with no vision of the future. Now the Pirates stand alone there. (Even the Royals are much improved!)

This club is scary in the pool of young talent they already hold plus more on the way in the minor leagues. The Rays will compete for a very, very long time. But will they be able to withstand the Red Sox and Yankees assault in 2009?