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Friday Links

We finally found out what Orsillo does on his off days

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The 2013 Red Sox are a force of nature

Hunter Golden attempts to contemplate the entirety of the 2013 Boston Red Sox – on the precipice of their 3rd World Series title in 10 years.

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Indelible Moments From the ALDS

A look at some of the most memorable moments from the Red Sox ALDS win over the Rays.

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Quintin Berry in my cupboard

Andre K likes Unicorns that fly, but likes Unicorns that are smart, too because he likes stimulating conversation. As such, he really likes Quintin Berry.

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Ben Cherington’s 2013 Report Card: The Free Agents

Keeping it low level as always, Hunter Golden impresses no one with his analysis of Ben Cherington’s offseason free agent prance through the petunias.

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Why the Yankees Are Not Underdogs and Never Will Be

My most sincere apologies, but signing old players to bad contracts doesn’t transform a franchise from the Evil Empire™ to underdogs.

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Roster Power Rankings, August Edition

Wrapping up the month of August by ranking the value of the players on the Red Sox 25 Man Roster.

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More Mindless Musings

Hunter Golden loses focus yet again and instead of showing maturity and focus, falls off the wagon again and breaks into interpretive dance. Gaze at him as he dabs words on your screen that profile as happy trees.

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Is He Worth It?

Contrasting the earned salaries and relative value of the Red Sox players this season.

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Random Musings: The Red Sox in the Summer Doldrums

Hunter Golden tries to figure out this switch hitting stuff, yells at Pedoira, praises all the Bogaerts and engages in spats of self-loathing.

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