When An 18-Wheeler Gets Rollin’

Dec. 18th, 2010 Merry Christmas, Boston. You have the makings of a shutdown bullpen. We could have written that headline last Christmas after the Red Sox stacked their bullpen with top-of-the-line relievers. The reliever binge made the 7th, 8th and 9th innings an unrelenting gauntlet for opposing teams. Boston bolstered the late innings pitching core […]

Joe Maddon on Teixeira

Joe Maddon said today he is not worried about the Yankees signing Teix because, he says, pitching wins games and he’s got great pitching. Listen to him Theo!!! Our battered 2008 lineup hit better than our equally battered rotation and Pen managed to pitch. Listen to him Theo? Act soon before the window is closed. […]

Know Thy Enemy: 2008 Tampa Bay Rays

When you’ve finished nine of the ten seasons in your franchise’s history in last place of your division and you’ve only cracked the 70 win mark once, maybe a change of name serves to help wipe that slate clean. At least the Tampa Bay Rays and their fans would like to think so. The Devil […]

No sweep for Sox in final game of series

Boston (64-41) was looking to sweep the series against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (39-65), but Scott Kazmir stood in the way pitching 6 scoreless innings in the 5-2 win over the Red Sox. Kazmir did not earn the win, but kept his team in it long enough as Tampa scored five runs in the […]