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Ranking Possible Playoff Opponents

*IF* the Red Sox make the playoffs this year what teams do they want to face, and what teams would it be better to avoid?

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Ben Cherington’s 2013 Report Card: The Free Agents

Keeping it low level as always, Hunter Golden impresses no one with his analysis of Ben Cherington’s offseason free agent prance through the petunias.

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The Advanced Scout – Los Angeles Angels

Brett visits the land of the slumping seraphim to find out about the locationally-challeged Angels.

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The Advanced Scout – Los Angeles Angels

After taking two of three against the Rangers, the Boston Red Sox (37-24, 1st place in the AL East, 1.5 games ahead) welcome the Los Angeles Angels (26-34, 3rd place in the AL West, 10.5 games back) to Fenway Park for a three-game series. Friday night’s game was rained out, and a split doubleheader will […]

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Salty vs. Ross

Six weeks into the season who deserves to be the primary catcher for this Red Sox team?

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Bold Predictions for 2013, Part 3 — The League

The truck has left Boston, and the facilities in Ft. Myers are starting fill up with players eager to prove that 2012 was an aberration. Spring is just around the corner!

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Coming to the Defense of Shane Victorino: Part One

Part one of a two part series defending the Boston Red Sox offseason acquisition of Shane Victorino.

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Friday’s Links – We Are All Worth $13 Million

Some prerequisites apply, like, y’know, playing professional baseball.

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Monday’s Links – Rejected Contracts and Gamebreaker Trades

Starting pitchers seem to be a bit overpriced these days.

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Winter Meetings Preview

Scott Candage predicts what the Red Sox will do at the Winter Meetings

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