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The Ballad of Jonny Gomes Or: Now That We’re Done with Him How Can We Extract Value from Him?

After all Gomes has done for Red Sox Nation, it’s time to turn him loose and harvest whatever value he may have left.

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2014 Free Agent Class: Possible Red Sox Reunions

Ben takes a look at past Red Sox on the free agent market this offseason.

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How have the Red Sox Fared as AL East Champions?

A look back at the Red Sox previous six American League East division winning teams.

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Ranking Possible Playoff Opponents

*IF* the Red Sox make the playoffs this year what teams do they want to face, and what teams would it be better to avoid?

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Why the Yankees Are Not Underdogs and Never Will Be

My most sincere apologies, but signing old players to bad contracts doesn’t transform a franchise from the Evil Empire™ to underdogs.

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New POLL: Looking to the playoffs

New Poll takes a look at the Red Sox and the playoffs. Who DON’T you want to see them play?

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Monday’s Links – All Ends Are Beginnings

Like the legend of the phoenix.

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2013 Fire Brand of the American League Staff Predictions

The Fire Brand of the American League Staff brings you their 2013 season predictions.

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