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John Lackey, Jon Lester, and the 2015 Red Sox

Jon Lester and John Lackey were vital parts of the 2013 World Series champion. But will either be a part of the next great Red Sox team?

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Roster Power Rankings, March Edition

“Time tested. Battle tested. It’s time to put your hard hat on, it’s boys club, men’s league so it’s time to go to work.” Jonny Gomes

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The Case for Trading Carp

With six players for five spots, who will be left out of the Boston outfield?

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2014 Free Agent Class: Possible Red Sox Reunions

Ben takes a look at past Red Sox on the free agent market this offseason.

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Proven Closers Need Not Apply

Teams need a proven closer to go far in the postseason? Why don’t we ask the REd Sox and Cardinals what they think about that…

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Fire Brand 2013 Postseason Predictions

Fire Brand‘s 2013 Postseason Predictions

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Ghosts Of Red Sox Past: The 2013 Playoffs

Ben takes a look at some familiar faces we’ll see throughout the 2013 playoffs.

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Award Season

Daniel looks at who will (and who should) win this year’s notable awards.

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Why the Yankees Are Not Underdogs and Never Will Be

My most sincere apologies, but signing old players to bad contracts doesn’t transform a franchise from the Evil Empire™ to underdogs.

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Why we should have seen Koji Uehara coming

Why? Well, probably because we’re all lazy idiots. Or we weren’t paying attention. OK, no – we’re just lazy idiots.

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