Progress, Thy Name Is Replay

Two more blown calls, this occurring last night in Game 2 of the World Series.

Bud Selig has been adamant about the fact that the current iteration of reply will be the only iteration until the day he dies.

After this abominable playoffs sure to go down in history as the sports postseason affected by umpires the most — and consistently — it’s clear that something has got to change.

Is part of the hesitation of moving to a more advanced replay system due to not wanting to “copy” the NFL? I can’t think of any other logical reason why you wouldn’t put in place a system to get the calls right… and I think the umpires are more concerned with getting the calls right than having a blown call dictate a game — and having to uphold the blown call.

It’s not the NFL’s fault they got it right. It’s time for baseball to join in and have real replay — not this fair/foul home run compromise BS. Fair/foul, caught/not caught, on/off the bag… have everything be reviewable except for ball/strike calls or check swings.

Umpires are able to decide when to go to instant replay an unlimited number of times should they choose to do so. If they huddle and decide not to go to instant replay, baseball managers have one challenge available to them. If the call is upheld, the penalty for the manager is being unable to visit the mound without being forced to remove the player for the remainder of the game.

Or something.


Something, so we can move on and make this game the best it can be.