Stephen Drew to Boston? Yes, please

Stephen Drew of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I know, I know… we need to stay focused on 2009. The Sawx need to do what they can to win the World Series. Even after a demoralizing series to the Yankees, I feel the team has a great chance of picking up that crown. However… we gotta talk about 2010.
Bob Nightengale of USA Today think he could debut as soon as next year.
Jed Lowrie, of course, is around and is still young enough to reclaim the shot he had at being a starting shortstop, although the road ahead of him is slow. Yamaico Navarro and Derrik Gibson are also other names to know.
I say it doesn’t matter. If you have a chance to acquire a player of Drew’s caliber, you do it. He has the chance to anchor short for ages to come and has already proven he can produce at the major league level. If Iglesias develops, great. If Gibson rises up the charts, great. Changes can always be made. But you can’t change what you don’t have, and the risk is too great.
Of course, if no trade can be worked out, Boston should get along fine with one more year of Alex Gonzalez. I think the Sox have learned their lesson in allowing themselves to be pigeonholed into certain shortstops. Drew will be coveted, but not needed.
If Boston made Clay Buchholz available, a deal could quickly be struck. However, I think that the only way Boston would move Buchholz is for a transcendent player — a Felix Hernandez here, an Adrian Gonzalez there. For Drew, who appears to be a very good complementary player (in the mold of his brother), is Buchholz and his current 3.21 ERA and No. 3 starter status too much? I say yes.
So what could the deal include? Michael Bowden, for one. Heck, what about including Jed Lowrie in the deal to give ‘Zona a replacement shortstop? How about assuming Chris Snyder’s contract, giving Arizona payroll relief and giving the Sox an excellent backup catcher who could start?
All food for thought as we hurtle towards another nerve-wracking postseason.
What about you guys? Do you view trying to acquire Drew as a top priority this off-season?