6/10 Online Seats Game Thread: The Hangover, Masterson Edition

Justin Masterson routing Clay Buchholz to embarrass his former team was a forgone conclusion? Say whaaaaaa? After a stunningly, shockingly, horrifyingly inane loss last night, the Boston Red Sox will scrape up their shattered dignity and finish an otherwise strong series in Cleveland. And what better man to slam the door than Jon Lester? Certainly not Boof Bonser… that’s for sure.

6/9 Online Seats Game Thread: The Masters Take On Masterson

Having taken the last two at Cleveland, the Boston Red Sox bring the fight to their former top prospect, Justin Masterson. Masterson, the feature piece in the Victor Martinez trade, has struggled since the trade with much credit owed to his inability to put down lefties. Clay Buchholz, on the other hand, looks to continue his tremendous start to the season.

BOS 12, CLE 7: The Long and Winding Win

It may not have been the way that Clay Buchholz wanted to head into the post season, but a win is a win in professional sports, as the Red Sox took their 95th win of the season off of the Cleveland Indians, 12-7, on Sunday.

Buchholz only lasted three innings, but the run support was there in droves, as J.D. Drew clocked two, Jed Lowrie belted a grand slam, and Alex Gonzalez made sure that everyone knew he was doing just fine with another home run, just to name a few.

BOS 11, CLE 6: Bats Boost Beckett Past Indians

The Boston bats had Beckett’s back last night, in a big way. Alliteration aside, the Red Sox starter struggled through five innings, but came up with the win, his seventeenth of the season, as the Sox took a third game from the Cleveland Indians.

With only one game left in the regular season, the quiet Red Sox backs woke up, as Aaron Laffey and the rest of the Tribe’s pen were lit up, on the way to an 11-6 loss.

BOS 6, CLE 2: Sox Take Two from Cleveland

“Effective” isn’t a term often used to describe Daisuke Matsuzaka’s outings, but that’s exactly what he looked like in last night’s start, as the Red Sox took a second win off of the Cleveland Indians, 6-2.