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A Reason to Stay in the Game, Prince Felix’ 2010

June 18, 2010 - Boston, MA, USA - epa02210545 Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Felix Doubront wipes his face in the third inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 18 June 2010.

For those of you looking for a reason to watch the final two weeks of the 2010 season…

With 13 games remaining, the Sox’ turbulent season is winding to a close.

For the players, there is plenty of reason to be motivated. The young call-ups are receiving their first cups of big league coffee. The veterans are making that last push for next year’s employment.

For the team, there is little to keep the drive alive. Trailing the Rays by 6.5 games in the Wild Card and the Yanks by 7.0 in the division, there is little reason to hope. By now, most have sacked up for the long winter, focusing on the Pats while they await the Sox’ April restart.

But in those final 13 matches, the Sox have one last trick up their sleeve — two three-game series against New York. A 1 in 100 Hail Mary pass. A long shot, but a shot none the less.

Now, before we get any images of grandeur, let’s get something straight: this is, quite literally, a 1 in 100 shot.

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7/16 Online Seats Game Thread: Second Half Stumble

Not exactly the way to start off the second half of the year, but the Boston Red Sox will try to get some vengeance against youngster Colby Lewis, as Felix Doubront looks for a second win on the year.

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7/6 Online Seats Game Thread: Red Sox Go to the Well, Again

It was, indeed, a cold comeback from a nice holiday weekend. Now, as the injuries continue to mount, the Boston Red Sox’s will need to get creative in order to keep their footing in the AL East, sending Felix Doubront to the hill to face Jeff Niemann.

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6/18 Online Seats Game Thread: LA Again?

Just when you couldn’t get enough LA in your life, the Dodgers come into town bringing gifts of Manny Ramirez. Have no fear, though, as the Boston Red Sox will turn to trusty ole Felix Doubront… wait a second….

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Temporary — and Permanent — Rotation Fixes, Lowell to Anaheim?


Temporary — and Permanent — Rotation Fixes

Night after night, hit after hit, the Sox rotation is looking more like a punch-drunk boxer than a viable contender.

Though Lester has reaffirmed his ace status and Buchholz has put together a nice season on the surface, there just isn’t much to lean on after those two.

Lackey at least keeping the team in games with a 4.84 ERA/5.26 xFIP, Daisuke (5.77 ERA/5.48 xFIP) and Tim Wakefield (5.68 ERA/5.54 xFIP) can’t find their groove.

Though we knew what we were getting into trotting Daisuke to the mound – with his salary making him that much more cumbersome and immobile – the focus shifts to Tim Wakefield.

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BoSox AFL Update

NHL Entry Draft Day 1

With the conclusion of every major league season comes the beginning of the second season of “minor” leagues in baseball – the Winter Leagues. This 2009 off-season, the Sox have placed 17 promising prospects across four leagues, including some of the most exciting names in the organization, such as Casey Kelly, Ryan Kalish, Jose Iglesias, and Yamiaco Navarro.

The Winter Leagues are one of the more interesting annual rituals of the MLB, aside from maybe the Rule 5 Draft, as every team in baseball pours their most highly touted prospects into one pool where they duke it out for organizational supremacy.

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