Streak-Snappers: Sox Win Three in a Row Against Atlanta

After a 10- game losing streak, arguably the darkest period in recent Red Sox memory since the days of Bobby Valentine, Boston has turned it around and won two game in a row against Atlanta. Boston came into Monday stuck in a notorious slump, where both their pitching and hitting failed. They had dropped 10 […]

9/22 Online Seats Game Thread: Bird on a Wire

Baltimore Orioles (61-90) @ Boston Red Sox (83-68) Kevin Millwood (3-15, 5.14) @ John Lackey (12-11, 4.63) 7:10 PM EDT | Fenway Park (Boston, Mass) TV: NESN RADIO: WEEI 850, SBN 1150 GAME NOTES: Well last night’s loss was just flat out embarrassing. Staring down a serious sweep by the worst team in the division, […]

9/4 Online Seats Game Thread: Hurricane Double Header (Part 2)

Chicago White Sox (73-61) @ Boston Red Sox (77-58)   Gavin Floyd (9-11, 3.86) @ John Lackey (12-8, 4.60) 7:10 PM EDT | Fenway Park (Boston, Mass) TV: NESN RADIO: WEEI 850, SBN 1150   GAME NOTES: In the second game of the double header, the Nation will see just how sorry Manny Ramirez is, […]

Finding the key to Lackey

MLB: Red Sox vs Tigers MAY 16

I’ve struggled this season to answer why John Lackey has been so off from anything we have seen from him previously. His Pitch F/x says he has added more cutters, but is that the only change and is it real? After some research I think I have found more of an answer and perhaps bring us closer to a solution.

Let’s start from the top with Lackey’s career K/BB at 2.62 he stands as a very solid arm, but in 2010 he has a dismal 1.22. That comes from troubles in strikeouts and walks and little evidence in the numbers to point to one problem. I have spent plenty of time on this site trying to figure it out since he could be the hinge for the 2010 season being successful.

Finally thanks to the splits I think I can get a step closer to identifying the problem. If you look at his K/9, BB/9 and K/BB in his lefty vs righty numbers there is a huge red flag. Against right handed batters this year Lackey has a stellar 3.83 K/BB with great control. Then you look at his lefty match-up and you see an amazingly bad 0.62 K/BB.